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Product Announcement: Zoom Integration With Salesforce
September 14, 2015 by Zoom

Today Zoom announced our integration with Salesforce. Now users of the sales and marketing platform can start a Zoom meeting, email meeting information, and automatically log the session as an activity within Salesforce. As sales teams and their customers are increasingly geographically disbursed, integrations like this allow salespeople to connect with customers and prospects more efficiently without altering their workflow.

Integration Features

The integration has several useful features for customer relationship management:

  • The ability to start an instant Zoom meeting from Lead, and automatically log it as Activity on Lead. Also, send an email to the Lead with meeting information.
  • Instantly start a Zoom meeting from Contact, and automatically log it as Activity on Contact. Also, send an email to the Contact with meeting information.
  • Make an existing Salesforce Calendar Event a Zoom Meeting. And start the Zoom meeting from the Event when you’re ready to meet with the customer.
  • The addition of a Zoom App under Chatter to view your scheduled Zoom meetings or schedule a new Zoom meeting without having to leave Salesforce.

Learn More

This Salesforce integration is currently available to Zoom Business, Education, and API plan customers. Please contact your sales representative to have the integration activated. Learn more by visiting our support site or by contacting our sales team.

Our goal is always to create powerful yet easy-to-use communication and collaboration solutions for our customers. Salesforce is the latest of several Zoom integrations we’ve created lately in that spirit. For more on our integrations with Slack, Logitech, Zapier, and others, you can watch last week’s Integrations Webinar: