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Announcement: Kubi Integrates with Zoom on iOS & Android
September 17, 2015 by Zoom

Editorial Note: The previously referenced webinar in this blog post is no longer available and has been removed. All upcoming events can be found on our events page.

Today Revolve Robotics announced that Zoom has updated our iOS and Android video clients to integrate Kubi telepresence robot controls into our platform.

Kubi is a robotic telepresence platform that holds a tablet, swiveling and angling at the control of the remote video conferencing participant. The resulting telepresence robot is “driven” by the remote participant using the built-in Zoom controls for both iOS and Android devices.

Why You’ll Love Zoom on Kubi

Zoom on Kubi delivers engaged robotic telepresence to businesses, schools, healthcare institutions, and remote workers. The combined solution offers several key benefits:

  • Higher engagement: Compared to other telepresence options, Zoom on Kubi delivers a level of engagement that transforms the video collaboration experience. It forces passive listeners to become engaged participants, a critical element for teams interacting with remote workers.
  • Superior productivity: Zoom on Kubi removes obstacles that can make video collaboration difficult – the need to adjust screens and hold tablets up. Colleagues can interact with one another as if they were in the same room, enabling everyone to get more done. What’s more, users can “teleport” from one Zoom on Kubi to another, whether it’s in the next room or around the world.
  • Fits into existing enterprise infrastructure:  Zoom on Kubi leverages the collaboration capabilities you already have such as your UC ecosystem and tablets.

What Next?

We’re hosting a live webinar with Kubi next Wednesday to talk about this powerful combined solution. Register now to join us!