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Case Study: Ablio Uses Zoom to Train Language Interpreters
September 22, 2015 by Zoom
Jose “Jossi” Fresco, Ablio’s co-founder and CTO

Jose “Jossi” Fresco, Ablio’s co-founder and CTO

Check out our newest case study: Ablio Introduces a New Model for Language Interpretation With Zoom! This case focuses on Ablio, a platform that matches interpreters with customers. By linking these two parties through an automated and transparent online platform, interpreters can grow in reputation and their customers can get qualified interpreters much more easily than they would with a traditional interpretation agency.

In order to manage their remote teams and provide support to interpreters using their platform, Ablio has chosen to use Zoom. We spoke with Jose “Jossi” Fresco — Ablio’s co-founder and CTO — about how Zoom has helped the company succeed.

“Ablio operates in a virtual space: management, technical operations, and our community of interpreters are geographically dispersed but united in the pursuit of providing the best interpreting service for today’s global environment. We use Zoom to collaborate and perform our daily operations around the world,” said Fresco. “Most of my day, I have a Zoom window open, one way or another.”

Zoom’s easy accessibility and reliable global support allowed for Ablio to successfully train interpreters around the world. “We are building a community of interpreters and part of that involves skill-building and continuous learning. With Zoom, we suddenly gain the ability to engage with our interpreters to help them improve their skills,” he said. “We show them the best practices in their profession, such as shorthand note-taking, which can be easily taught through a platform as versatile as Zoom.”

Fresco tells us that without Zoom, they simply would not be able to function in the same fashion as they do today. Learn more about how Ablio has used Zoom to build their start up by reading the complete case study.  And try Zoom for yourself today – sign up for a live demo with a Zoom product specialist.