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The Best of 42: Fireside Chat with GoDaddy
October 13, 2015 by Aaron Lewis

Consider the Latin motto “E Pluribis Unum.” Out of many, one. It’s a fitting theme for this post.

We were privileged to be joined by one of our many valued customers, GoDaddy, at the Gartner ITxpo and Symposium to share the story of their selection and implementation of Zoom for their real-time collaboration needs. Zoom CEO, Eric S. Yuan, co-presented with Jolean Dekort, who manages desktop and employee experience for GoDaddy for a fireside discussion in front of a lively audience.

One Question from GoDaddy

“What solution would you like to use everyday?” This was the one question GoDaddy asked its 100 proof-of-concept pilot users after they evaluated competitive solutions over a 60-day period. For 99 out of 100 the answer was clear: Zoom.

Jolean Dekort was tasked with identifying and deploying a unified cloud collaboration solution globally. An uncooperative mix of hardware and software tech (room systems and client-based solutions that didn’t work well together) had led to widespread use of unofficial and insecure software packages being installed and used by end users. With this solution mix, Jolean recounts that 8-10 minutes on average was wasted just getting hooked-up to begin meetings. This was a significant technological barrier, hindering communication and work throughout the organization.

Watch their presentation to learn more about GoDaddy’s search, and why Zoom was the easy choice:

We had a great time sharing why Zoom’s easy and reliable all-in-one video, audio, collaboration, messaging, and room system solution solves these and more problems. To see for yourself, sign up for a live demo!