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Webinar Recording & Recap: Clean Up Your Conference Room
October 28, 2015 by Priscilla Barolo

Last week, Sr. Sales Engineer Andrew Cannata hosted a webinar on cleaning up your conference room. Or, in Andrew’s words, how to “Not just clean up your conference room, but transform your conference room into a more collaborative space.”

Here is a recording of the webinar:

And if you’re short on time, here’s a handy summary to help you begin the transformation…

Zoom saw a problem in the conference room market: Hardware-based conferencing systems. These expensive systems have very limited functionality, so that any new technology, such as iOS Airplay, other wireless presentation, or PSTN, all required new hardware. And what if people in the conference room want to meet with people who are at desks or on mobile devices, or bring in more than the few people allowed by their hardware? Well, then they have to deploy a cloud solution and a hardware bridge. And what if they wanted to schedule, maintain, upgrade their system? You guessed it! They need to deploy more appliances within their organization.

The result: A Grade-A Mess. Conference rooms are literally a mess of hardware and cables. Your average end user couldn’t tell one end from the other and minutes ticked by at the beginning of each meeting as they tried to connect in.

Zoom’s solution: Bring all the functionality – video, audio, content sharing, calendaring, reporting, PSTN, and more – into just one software-defied platform. This solution is called Zoom Rooms.

Zoom Rooms’ Features and Benefits:

  • HD video and integrated audio
  • Wireless screen sharing from any device by typing into your browser, or via Airplay for Mac and iOS devices – no more cables and dongles!
  • Ability to instantly connect with any other Zoom-supported devices – Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and H.323 and SIP conference room systems
  • Easy set-up of entirely off-the-shelf hardware: Hook up your Mac Mini, one or two displays, and any USB camera, speaker, and microphone you want. Then bring in your iPad as the controller.
  • Easy to use so your employees will actually use it – one tap to start ad-hoc or scheduled meetings
  • Integrated calendaring (Google and MS Exchange/Outlook) and contact list with presence
  • Fits everything from a small room with a camera and speaker phone to an auditorium with drop mics and integrated speakers
  • Built-in bridge to H.323 and SIP hardware systems so you can leverage those prior investments – Zoom Rooms can event dial out to your H.323/SIP
  • Built-in PSTN
  • Upgrades and health reports available in the backend
  • Camera control for some USB cameras; settings tab to switch between multiple cameras, mics, and speakers
  • Affordable – You’re not buying proprietary hardware that has no other applications. Instead, you’re buying highly affordable off-the-shelf devices.

Are you ready to clean up your conference room and make way for a powerful collaboration space? Sign up for a live Zoom Rooms demo today!