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They Keep Changing and We Just Keep Getting Better
November 19, 2015 by Priscilla Barolo

Anyone who follows the video conferencing industry has invariably noticed that there has been a lot of upheaval recently – sales, spinoffs, and the like. Companies once considered to be the safest bets or the exciting new players on the market are now making customers nervous.

Why all the change? Well, there are companies that come in and disrupt the legacy players with better technology (ahem…Zoom). Then there are those that come in and quickly bite the dust because if there’s one thing that’s hard to do right, it’s video conferencing technology. And, on the other end, there’s the legacy players who are starting to feel the strain of greater customer choice.

Everyone keeps changing, but we stay the same. Scratch that: We get better. We’re focused on building the best video collaboration platform and a sustainable business. We stay honed in to what our customers want, adding all the functionality they need and nothing they don’t.

Analyst firm Frost and Sullivan has also noticed the changes in our market. In looking at their research, it seems that Zoom’s continued success could be due to the fact that we track nicely against what they’re seeing customers need:

  • Growth in visual conferencing: Zoom’s HD video conferencing is second to none, with adaptive layer technology so a participant’s poor connection won’t spoil everyone else’s meeting experience.
  • Shift from PSTN audio to VoIP: Zoom has high quality PSTN and VoIP (computer) audio, so you can choose what works for the given situation.
  • Web conferencing evolving into collaborative team spaces: Zoom offers collaboration features such as screen sharing, co-annotation, and remote control. We also integrate with Slack to extend our service further into the team collaboration space.
  • Companies deploying different conferencing solutions: Companies look to many solutions to get video, audio, screen sharing, IM/Presence, file sharing, and webinars. But guess what? You don’t need multiple solutions because Zoom has all the above covered!
  • Focus on user experience: No one does this better than Zoom. Dive into our free account. You’ll see that the entire interface is video and screen sharing, without all the blank space. The controls are easy to understand – even the first time – and they disappear from sight when not in use. You have to see it to believe it!
  • Growth of mobility and remote workforces: Zoom has a truly mobile platform. Mobile scheduling, mobile start and join, mobile screen sharing and co-annotation – no one else has it all!
  • Growth of hosted video: Zoom is built for flexibility. Sure, it works great in a boardroom or a massive lecture hall, but it also is ideal for an ad-hoc brainstorming session in a huddle room or starting a meeting on-the-fly at your desk or from your mobile device. It’s affordable price point and wireless screen sharing makes it ideal for setting up dozens of mini conference rooms in your office, not just one or two major installations.

See why Zoom is an oasis in a chaotic industry by signing up for a live demo with a product specialist today!