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What We’re Thankful For at Zoom
November 26, 2015 by Zoom

Where do we even begin? We are first and foremost so thankful for the 140,000 businesses and 5,200 schools that use Zoom as their collaboration platform of choice. We’re also grateful for our team, so we asked them to tell us what they’re giving thanks for this holiday season. Let’s see what they said!

“I am thankful for our two beautiful daughters who make me smile every morning, my lovely wife who is keeping us alive, some rain in the Bay Area, and great team at Zoom. Joining the Zoom team this year was the biggest change I am grateful and excited for.” – Sunil, Operations

“I am very thankful to be working with like minded people who are equally driven to bring make Zoom successful. I am even more thankful to be selling a tool that really is the best. I call myself ‘The Yes Girl.’ Anytime a prospect asks if Zoom can do ‘this,’ I am so thankful I always get to say YES!” – Briana, Sales

“I’m thankful for my family, close circle of friends, and amazing colleagues who encourage me to always be my best.  My cup is full!” – Peter, Sales

“I’m thrilled by and very thankful for Zoom. Not only is it a great service and software making a disruptive mark in an industry that had become rather stagnant, it’s an awesome company to work for. It’s not common to work for an organization that encourages a work/life balance. I can be successful, get my work done, and still be a good father and friend, which is huge to me. Thanks, Zoom.” – Joshua, Customer Success

“We are blessed to have so many users loving our product, thank you all for your great ideas and feedback that inspire us everyday and help us improve our product and create a better user experience.” – Shawn, Engineering

“I am most thankful for my family (immediate and extended), my beautiful wife Julene, my 15-year-old-daughter Bella, my Zoom family (our collective passion for delivering happiness to each other and the world at large), for health, for love, for challenges, and for the spirit of giving thanks.” – Jeremiah, Sales

“I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work in an environment that I love with people I truly care about and for a product that I believe in. And for our marketing interns. I would be lost without them! And for Adele. Definitely thankful for her.” – Katianna, Marketing

“I’m thankful for my family for always being there when I need them. And for Zoom, to give a non-technical guy like myself a chance to be part of something special.” – Art, Sales

“I’m grateful for friends, family, beer, and a holiday every once in awhile!” – Jacob, Customer Success

“I’m thankful for my family, wife, and 16-month-old son, who amazes me everyday. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work for an amazing company and leadership team that has created an close-knit family atmosphere. Lastly, I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet with individuals on a daily basis who truly have their work positively impacted by the solution we provide.” – David, Sales

“Family, close friends, good health, and the opportunity to work here at Zoom with such an inspired and professional team, building this fantastic product and company! And for coffee, wonderfully dependable coffee, can’t forget that!” – Aaron, Marketing

Thank you to everyone who makes Zoom such an amazing product and company! From the entire Zoom family, we wish you and very Happy Thanksgiving!