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Four Reasons To Record Every Zoom Meeting
January 7, 2016 by Priscilla Barolo

Recording a meeting with Zoom is literally a one-click endeavor. Just click Record on your interface, and the little red light lets everyone know you’re recording. After your meeting, you have a tidy little MP4 and M4A recording to watch and share. But, why would you want to record your meetings? Recording isn’t just for depositions in federal cases; it can be useful in your day-to-day job too. Let’s look at why…

Pick the Best Candidate

If you have two candidates for a job to choose from, it’s easy to recall your experience during the interview and go over each one in your own mind. But that’s not usually the case, is it? Even with two candidates, it’s hard remembering every subject you covered and how well they answered each question. You might also focus too much on your memory of one specific good or bad answer, tainting your recollection of the interview. You could even attribute a particular experience to the wrong person or you might not even know who to attribute it to. This problem gets amplified with larger numbers of candidates to consider.

To solve this little HR dilemma that could have enormous consequences, you can hold interviews over Zoom and record them, allowing you to have a digital archive with a word-by-word playback of each and every person you came in contact with at that stage. This way, you can be absolutely sure that the candidate you select is the one that had the most promising interview.

It can also be useful for that not-so-fun employee mediation process. If something is going awry with an employee, whether it be an interpersonal or performance issue, it is best to record your meeting with them so you have rock-solid documentation of the event.

Ease the On-boarding Process

We’ve already spoken about how Zoom’s recording feature can make training and eLearning easier, extensively in fact. There’s a reason for that (i.e. it works). Once you’ve got a decent training session recorded that covers every essential detail with perfection, that’s your golden goose. Every other training session can consist of distributing that recording to newly on-boarded employees, making you waste less time on repetition and spend more effort answering specific questions and providing support after the session is over.

Review Information

Have you ever had one of those meetings where there was so much synergy that impressive ideas seemed to pop out of thin air? Those are meetings you have to record! And since you’ll never know when those moments of collaboration brilliance will happen, you can just hit the record button for all your brainstorming sessions.

Greater Accountability

As we’ve already discussed, the human memory is deeply flawed. So let’s not rely on it for remembering who was going to do what and when. A couple weeks (or even days) later, it can be hard to remember who said they would take on that messy project or which customer was mentioned to be having problems. How are you going to to follow up? Better turn to that recording!

We hope we’ve shown you today just how valuable recording can be. It can save you time and money in your on-boarding, preserve those nuggets of gold you come up with in brainstorming sessions, and prevent big mistakes. Just remember to ask permission before you press the Record button!

If recording and all the other amazing Zoom features have you interested in learning more, sign up for a live demo with a Zoom product specialist today!