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Your Webinar Platform Could be Awesome. Zoom Can Help.
January 19, 2016 by Priscilla Barolo

The invention of the webinar has changed both the way in which we hold presentations and the way in which we attend them. Instead of flying to sit in a hotel conference room for three days in Indiana, attendees in Austin, or Boston, or Los Angeles can teleport themselves instantly from their own homes, offices, and even from their vehicles.

The problem is, of course, most webinars suck. Or, more specifically, their platforms suck, only allowing the webinar host to talk and share slides. Ever experience a slide show with a disembodied voice droning over them for hours? You probably wanted to break your computer in half or die of boredom. So let’s look at why a Zoom Video Webinar is a totally different experience.

Teleport Your Viewers.

Have you ever seen one of those sci-fi films in which only a half a person gets teleported? Webinars have a similar effect on people when they view a pixelated, gibberish-riddled stream. Or when there is no video at all, just a series of PowerPoint slides. Think of it this way: webinars are often a first impression, so you should focus on providing the most impeccable quality possible. With Zoom, your audience will see and hear a nearly-unadulterated, picture-perfect scene with the most bandwidth-efficient mode of delivery possible. They will hear the highest quality audio on the planet. They will see up to 25 panelists live on HD video, along with a HD visual of whatever those panelists want to share (streaming video with audio, apps on their mobile screen, and yes, even a slide deck).

All the Fancy Stuff, But Only When You Need It.

Would you rather have software that mimics the dashboard of an Airbus A320 aircraft, or is a dashboard with a couple of buttons that do pretty much everything on autopilot your kind of deal?

We designed our webinar software in such a way that it enhances versatility while minimizing the amount of customization necessary during the “pre-flight check.” The interface flows with you and disappears when you don’t need it. But have no fear, all the fancy webinar functionality you could never need is all there, at your fingertips, the second you move the mouse: polling, Q&A (including the ability to answer questions live or via text), and the ability to bring a view-only attendee live on video to ask a question or contribute. Zoom Video Webinars also have full registration and reporting functionality.


When you’ve got a small draw and anticipate a small attendance, you can opt for an offering that lets you host up to 100 attendees. Once you get to the level that you start lighting your cigars with hundred-dollar bills, you might want to invest in a $2 lighter and then set aside that Benjamin for a 3,000-attendee package. (Note that when we talk about a 3,000-attendee package, that means you get as many webinars as you want a month with up to 3,000 attendees in each. Seriously. Go nuts.) Or, you could select something in between like a 500 or 1,000-attendee package. We’d much prefer you don’t light cigars with hundred-dollar bills anyway. They present a fire risk. The least we can do is prevent you from burning a hole in your wallet.

Technical Issues = Major Embarrassment.

Everything about Zoom is designed around the notion that we seriously need to reconsider the way that video communication is facilitated. Instead of correcting technical difficulties as they come, we’ve fool-proofed our system in such a way that they are prevented from happening in the first place. Once you have the chops necessary to have your first webinar, deliver information effectively, and get your audience to love you, you need the software to back up all of that bad-assery that you’ve accumulated. It won’t matter how much of a respected public speaker you are if the only software you’re using to present hiccups more than a pirate who just finished his supply of rum.

What we’re saying, in the end, is that you’re perhaps better off with Zoom Video Webinars and as people with enterprising attitudes, we’ll probably see eye to eye on this. So why not sign up for a live demo of our webinar platform today?