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Video Conferencing: Top 5 Myths
March 25, 2016 by Priscilla Barolo

We’ve heard ‘em all. Myths about Zoom, myths about video conferencing. We’re here to set the record straight by debunking the top five myths we’ve heard one-by-one. Consider this MythBusters: Zoom Edition!

Myth # 1: Video Conferencing Software is all the Same

When a company comes around to the fact that hardware video conference systems are A. Insanely expensive and B. Totally underused by their employees, they take a look at software video conference systems. But then they run into a problem…all video conferencing providers say the same thing: we’re the easiest, we have the best features, and so forth. Lies! First of all, Zoom has a lot going for it that no one else does, such as the only true iOS and Android screen sharing and the only software-defined video conference room system, Zoom Rooms. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out Gartner’s Critical Capabilities Report, which gave Zoom the highest cumulative score out of all the services they reviewed.Live Demo

Myth #2: Go with Legacy Systems – They’re More Reliable

Zoom has the same or better uptime than any other conferencing system on the market, even those offered by Fortune 500 companies. Reliability is about having a stable, secure, redundant network, and that has always been Zoom’s #1 priority. Read up in our Security Guide.

Myth #3: Go with Legacy Systems, You Can’t Trust a Start Up

Ah yes, here today, gone tomorrow. So is the fate of most start ups. But here’s the thing: Zoom is here to stay. We’ve been around for about five years now. In that time, we’ve secured healthy funding, hundreds of thousands of customers who, yes, pay us, and a passionate team that cares about providing the best video communication services in the long run.

Myth #4: Affordable = Crappy

Often times, you get what you pay for. That awesome H&M $15 blazer? Yeah, that’s going to fall apart in 2 weeks. But this isn’t always the case with technology.  Zoom is affordable for a good reason: because technology has gotten better and more scalable, and networking has gotten cheaper. Frankly, video conferencing software should all cost what Zoom costs. If you’re paying more than that, you’re getting gouged.

Myth #5: Zoom is for Desktop Conferencing, I Still Need My Old Systems

Mhmm, this old chestnut. Zoom is indeed a desktop and mobile video conferencing software. And if you want to keep your old conference room systems, by all means please do. We have a Cloud Room Connector that can work with any H.323 or SIP room system. But we also have our own teleconferencing and conference room systems as part of our total Zoom package. We can be your communications platform from the ground up, not just a fun add on.

Have we blown your mind with our myth-busting prowess? Have we opened you up to new ways of thinking that you could have never before imagined? If so, you should sign up for a live one-on-one demo with a Zoom product specialist today!