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Is Your Video Conferencing Service Screwing You Over?
June 1, 2016 by Priscilla Barolo

Have you ever had the feeling you’re being screwed over? It might be at a car dealership when they’re talking about undercoating fees and extended warranties. It might be when the sales person tells you that the dress you’re trying on gives you “Michelle Obama arms,” when you know they actually look like two giant hunks of ham hanging off your body. Or, it might be when you deal with your video conferencing service. Let’s take a look at three hints that your video conferencing provider doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Sketchy Video Conferencing Pricing

The number one most sketchy practice in our industry is not revealing your pricing. Check’s website. Please, try to find a clear pricing model. We’ll wait…nothing, right? This is so they can give different prices to different customers, depending on what they think they can get out of you. In contrast, we’ll tell you straight out: Zoom’s pro account is $14.99 a month per host. Here is our pricing for different plans.

[Nov 2016 Update: BlueJeans recently added pricing to their website for 2 of their 5 listed plans.]

Sketchy pricing also means unnecessarily high prices and hidden costs. If you’re paying more than you’d pay for Zoom, you’re getting screwed. Other companies charge more because of high internal costs such as a bloated workforce and non-scalable backend technology. And, quite simply, because they can. Also, if you have a good deal on a base plan, but getting simple features like meeting with more than a few people on video or using recording, then you’re also being taken advantage of.

No One To Call

We’ve all been there: you’re stuck on the phone in an endless routing tree with a service provider, maybe your cable company or insurance provider. At some point you are so deep in the phone tree you feel you no longer live in a democratic society and start screaming “Representative! Representative!” and smacking your hand against your forehead.

We sympathize. So we’ve made it easier to reach Zoom. See this phone number at the top of our homepage? Dial it, then press 1 for sales or 2 for support. Someone will pick up and help you.

You can also email us, chat with us on our website, or open a support ticket at Opening a ticket might feel like you’re sending something into the nothingness of cyberspace, but in actuality it goes straight to a great group of people who will get back to you immediately.

We have a great product, so we don’t have to hide behind endless phone trees. We’re here for you!

It Doesn’t Work

This is a tricky one, because there is always the temptation to make excuses for your video conferencing service, simply because you can’t imagine anything better. We’ve actually cataloged the top five excuses people make for bad video conferencing. The fact of the matter is: if you can’t easily connect dozens of people, with flawless video, audio, and screen sharing, over any devices including conference room systems, desktops, and mobile, then you’re getting screwed. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done perfectly for tens of dollars instead of thousands of dollars. Because Zoom can.

If this post has validated that sneaking feeling that you are, in fact, getting screwed, then sign up for a live one-on-one demo with a Zoom Product Specialist today!