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Adding Collaboration to the Huddle Room: Wainhouse Report
June 28, 2016 by Aaron Lewis

Haven’t heard of huddle rooms? Well, you will soon! Wainhouse Research estimates that there are 30 to 50 million huddle rooms in the world. You can learn all about this phenomenon in this extremely informative, highly interesting white paper from Wainhouse Research: Adding Collaboration to the Huddle Room. This report, authored by Wainhouse Sr. Analyst and Partner Ira M. Weinstein and Sr. Researcher and Consultant Saar Litman, focuses on understanding user needs and IT requirements for these small enterprise meeting spaces they call huddle rooms.

The Collaboration Enabled Huddle Room Emerges

The report starts with examining changes to the conferencing, collaboration, and audio-visual world. They discuss the main drivers for these changes, including generational shifts in the workforce, increased competition and other challenges brought on by globalization, and increased dependency on technology.

Huddle Room Live Demo

Weinstein and Litman then look at the technology needs of huddle rooms for both end users and IT. Among the users, requirements for huddle rooms are:

  • Easy audio conferencing
  • Wireless and wired local content presentation
  • Video conferencing
  • Fast deployment of systems to new rooms
  • Streamlined and consistent workflow
  • BYOD (“bring your own device”) capabilities

Among IT, the requirements are:

  • Easy purchasing
  • Low cost for scalability
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Centralized administration

Weinstein and Litman then evaluated Zoom Rooms, and how well it meets the needs listed above. Their key takeaway? “Zoom Rooms, which is powered by the Zoom service, addresses the key functionality and usability needs of huddle room users, as well as the low cost and IT-friendly installation requirements of the IT department.”

If you’d like to learn more about huddle rooms, the needs of end users and IT teams for these spaces, and how Zoom Rooms can help, download the free whitepaper – no strings attached! You can also sign up for your own live one-on-one demo with a Zoom product specialist!