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Non Verbal Communication: The Forgotten Art
July 1, 2016 by Aaron Lewis

Where has the appreciation for non verbal communication gone? We have an innate desire for social interaction; to talk and be heard, to listen and understand, to share and learn, to see and be seen. This is especially critical within a business context, when we are concerned with the success of various business operations rather than comparing reactions to cat fail compilations on YouTube for example – highly entertaining though they may be.

Non Verbal Communication and Social Media Networks

With the success of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. came a total social media revolution. We were reconnected, we were empowered, we had an audience, we had a voice, and we shared absolutely EVERYTHING! It seemed that technology, the very stuff that arguably separated and isolated us in the first-place, now sought explicitly to do just the opposite. However, we’ve noticed that up until recently social media networks were missing one critical thing.

A Massive Feature Omission

Studies show that up to 70% of communication is non-verbal. The fact is that our interactions are always better when we can see each other. Watching body language for cues gives us a major advantage in understanding how we are perceived, if our ideas are understood, if there are misunderstandings, if there seems to be agreement and so on.

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More recently however social networks have been tinkering with the idea of augmenting their products with video to get ahead of an expected wave of next-gen mobile video capability. Facebook is betting it will be all video in a few years. All very interesting news but we were just wondering, what took so long? All this time we were missing-out, only experiencing our online social interactions at 30% of their potential.

Zoom believes in video, wholeheartedly, regardless of device. Video is encoded into our DNA. How much do we care? The guy responsible for the Zoom video experience sits in the CEO’s office, that’s how much! It’s a big deal and it is something which has and will continue to be central to our long-term vision.

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