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Education Case Study: The University of Arizona Achieves Student-Centered Learning
July 8, 2016 by Aaron Lewis

Check out our newest education case study: The University of Arizona Achieves Student-Centered Learning with Zoom and Kubi. This case study focuses on the College of Education at the University of Arizona and how they have deployed Zoom and Kubi to create better learning experiences for their local and remote students.

We spoke with Michael Griffith, the school’s Director of Instructional and Learning Technology, who found the legacy telepresence classrooms the school was piloting to be problematic. In particular, “It was difficult to move from whole group to small group activities and back, a key component in the style of teaching at the college,” explained Griffith.

A True Student-Centered Learning Solution

Education Case StudyGriffith and his team got to work: “We went hunting for an actual student-centered solution.” The solution they discovered: the combined power of Kubi hardware with controls integrated into Zoom software.

It was clear to Griffith that iPads representing remote students was the best way to have them interact with their peers in the classroom. He turned to Kubi, the robotic iPad stand from Revolve Robotics that allows a remote participant to display their face and direct their attention around the room.

Facilitating an Engaging Education Experience

Griffith discussed the many benefits of the combined solution. “We liked that, on Zoom, it was easy to create reoccurring meetings so students have just one link that works every week and that there are minimal administrative requirements. We also love that it is easy to use for our students, that they click once and they’re in the class.

The Kubi robot allows the remote student to decide what is important to them in the classroom and turn their attention to that. Before, remote students participated minimally. Now they connect early, engage with classmates, and take advantage of the whole learning experience from formal presentations to small group work.”

Education and Learning Case Study - Live Demo

The University has seen significant cost reductions. But for Griffith and his team, it’s not about costs. “This started with one student calling me, saying that they were attending class on a friend’s phone and simply asking for a better learning experience,” said Griffith. “With Zoom and Kubi, we’re putting students in control of their own learning.

The local students forget that they’re looking at a robot, and it quickly becomes about the person on the other end of the call. And the remote students are participating at the same level as their in-person peers.”

The Revolve Robotics team has worked closely with Zoom engineers to make Zoom on Kubi even more useful with many education-optimized features. To learn more, read the complete case study, or sign up for your own live demo with a Zoom product specialist today!