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Powering Telehealth With The CARE Network
August 4, 2016 by Aaron Lewis

Telehealth Solutions from Zoom and KubiRight now, 15% of the US Population is over 65. By 2030, it’ll be 20%. In some developed countries, like Japan, the situation is even more dire – with 40% of the national health care budget going to elder care. It’s clear that always providing elder care services on an in-person basis won’t be able to meet demand. To scale availability and ensure quality at-scale, telehealth systems will have to bridge the gap.

These are sobering and scary statistics when you consider the implications of not being able to adequately provide for our older populations. How can enough quality elder care be delivered? A telehealth solution via Zoom on the Kubi telepresence robot is already working to solve the problem!

Telehealth Enabled Elder Care

The CARE Network from Acacia Living seamlessly integrated Zoom’s telehealth video services directly into the elder care management application and kiosk. Because Zoom has integrated Kubi controls, CARE network users can easily control and position the iPad on the Kubi for more effective communication.

Telehealth Demo Request

As soon as they started piloting, the managers at CARE saw that they could dramatically increase the frequency of client touches to supplement in-person visits. Today, CARE Network with Zoom on Kubi allows supervisory visits, patient check-ins and new care provider introductions as well as video calls from family and friends.

See how Zoom on the Kubi has allowed The Care Network to increase client interactions while also maintaining quality elder care in this video: