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Internship At Zoom: An Intern Perspective
August 22, 2016 by Morgan Starkey

I’m an intern – meaning part-time barista, part-time copy maker, full-time do whatever no one else wants to do….right? Wrong. Day one; the first thing I was asked was, “Morgan, what do you want to do here this summer?” Dumbfounded, excited, and slightly confused I responded “something creative.” My internship apprehension significantly reduced, this is where it all began…

My Zoom Internship Experience

Last school year, I was put in contact with Janine Pelosi, the Head of Marketing. After a few emails back and forth, I landed a video interview on Zoom with Janine and other marketing team members from the comfort of my house at the University of Oregon. I clicked on the link at 10 am from the Zoom email, and within seconds, Janine, the woman whom I have been in communication with for weeks pops-up on the screen.  High definition and clear audio was foreign to me with Facetime or Skype. It was then, I understood why Zoom is one of the fastest growing companies in the Silicon Valley, and somehow I would have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Live Demo

July 5th, my first day, and I come into the office wearing high heels and a ridiculous skirt (I had never worked a corporate job before, so I assumed this was the norm.) The other marketing intern, Sophie, was wearing something similar to me, but that was about it. The dress code here would qualify as casual, Zoom wear is always appropriate, and dressing up for Fun Friday theme days is welcomed, even preferred.

Zoom InternshipNow that we’ve caught up, lets return to my nerve-racking statement, “something creative… like graphic design, creating videos, slogan ideas, even writing blogs would interest me,” ohh the irony I feel looking back.

Janine said I would have the opportunity to do it all if I wanted, and she sure delivered. From spreading national awareness through advertising, to attending and hosting meetings, I have felt challenged creatively, and pushed outside of my comfort zone. This internship has given me amazing professional experience.

If you asked me today, a couple months into my internship, “what is Zoom?” I would tell you; Zoom is a family. A family comprised of dedicated people with the same drive and motivation to watch this company flourish. Eric S. Yuan, Zoom’s founder and CEO, is humble, determined, and innovative. He has taken the time to meet every person individually working at Zoom, including the interns. Even making himself available, along with Zoom President Dave Berman to meet with all of us to hear our feedback, share some advice, and bid us farewell. I have felt nothing but welcome by my team and the entire office.

The takeaways of working a corporate internship here at Zoom are as follows:

  • I have learned that an easy way to make friends is bringing baked goods, and an easy way to lose friends is breaking the espresso machine
  • I have learned that security will respond when you forget where you parked your car.
  • I have learned the difference between mute on and mute off
  • And most of all, I have learned what it means to be a part of a team; An innovative and creative team that works incredibly well together, because coming up with the next big idea does not happen alone

The things I have learned here at Zoom, will pour over into my college life in ways traditional internships can’t. I am extremely grateful for my time here and cannot wait to see the opportunities that lie ahead.

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