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Uber Uses Of Uber
September 16, 2016 by Eric S. Yuan

Let me be clear, I (and Zoom) absolutely LOVE Uber! And really, what’s not to love? Besides reinventing transportation on a global scale and evolving the sharing economy to make available otherwise non-utilized transportation capacity, and their unicorn status business performance — they are also a Zoom customer!

We commonly understand the word “uber” to denote an extreme, exceptional, or excessive property to whatever is specified – that said, I’ve got to hand it to Uber co-Founders Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp for what was the perfect brand name choice for what the Uber app and service would ultimately become.

We are all familiar, or at least should be, with Uber and how they have commoditized affordable on-demand transport. However beyond the typical uses of Uber — a ride to the airport, ride home after a party, a quick trip to the supermarket — more creative uses abound. Let’s examine a few …

Some Not So Usual Uses Of The Uber App

Make the Job of CEO Easier

Being a CEO can often times be very time consuming — there are many meetings throughout the week and they often start early in the morning or late in the evening — exactly at the time I would be driving. For me, driving is just a major hassle and distraction! If I’m in an Uber, I am able to concentrate much more. There are limited distractions, I can talk with customers anywhere in the world or get status updates from my team on Zoom Video calls — this allows me to get more business done in a lot less time — all while keeping my fellow commuters much safer in the process 🙂

Delivery Service

On occasion I have used Uber to deliver items last-minute to save time and money. Our very own Head of Marketing, Janine Pelosi, needed to send a ticket to a customer for an NBA championship game which Zoom sponsored back in June – Uber to the rescue! I’ve also read stories about people transporting forgotten phones or delivering luggage.

Live Demo

Summertime/After School Chauffeur

Got kids? If you do then you likely know about the relative chaos of juggling many activities. Driving them back-and-forth to various events can be a grueling experience which can take a lot of time. It’s no different for me, my son is a sophomore in high school and very busy with numerous activities — Uber has been amazing in saving me time from having to drive all around town. Even better, because I can see where he is at all times I know that he is safe.

Reduce Vehicle Wear-and-Tear

If you’re like most people you’ve got common commute routes. Miles add-up quick on these repetitive morning and evening routines and many people have opted to leave their personal vehicles out of the equation keeping miles lower to reduce mechanical wear and mitigate the risk of future maintenance issues.

No Personal Car Required (Anymore)

Two of my friends from university have children now living in San Francisco that utilize Uber exclusively for travel — they literally don’t own cars. Amazing!

What other innovative ways have you seen or heard of for Uber? Would love to hear them.