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Webinar Recording: Project ECHO and Zoom
February 14, 2017 by Aaron Lewis

Project ECHO: Our goal is to touch the lives of 1 billion people by 2025!

Founded in 2003, Project ECHO seeks to truly democratize medical knowledge. It began as a way to share the highly specialized hepatitis C knowledge of Dr. Sanjeev Arora to other healthcare practitioners. A force multiplier for Dr. Arora! Today Project ECHO has more than 100 hubs world-wide and is broadly focused on numerous chronic diseases, as well as behavioral and pediatric areas of study.

Their model for success focuses on:

  1. Using technology to leverage scarce resources
  2. Sharing best practices between hubs and rural areas to reduce care disparities
  3. Care-based learning to help medical practitioners master complexity
  4. Web-based database to monitor outcomes

Project ECHO initially adopted a hardware-based technology solution; however, the inconvenience of hauling hardware around combined with substantial costs (which in some cases required 6 – 12 months to raise sufficient capital for technology investments), meant that the solution became a significant barrier to the further growth of the project.


They began their evaluation for alternatives in 2012, with a competitive set of 24 products. Zoom emerged as the best choice because it was cloud-based, had superior performance in low-bandwidth areas, was affordable, and was highly intuitive to use – one common feedback the team received was that “Zoom just works!”

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