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Influitive and Zoom: An Old Rival Becomes a New Customer
March 2, 2017 by Priscilla Barolo

Today we bring you a tale from up north, our neighbors in Canada to be specific. This is the story of our good friends at Influitive, a technology startup you might recall from our hard-fought battle in the 2016 March SaaSness competition.

Influitive is a Toronto-based advocate marketing software company. What’s advocate marketing? Simply put, it is using the power of your customers to influence others. It’s basically word-of-mouth on steroids, in the form of an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use platform where your customers can complete activities such as tweeting, sharing feedback, or posting a review on third-party websites. The more activities they complete, the more points they receive, which they can redeem for swag, discounts, and more.

stephen ojwang

Stephen Ojwang, Influitive Sr. IT Manager

Influitive is also a happy Zoom customer. We spoke with Stephen Ojwang, Senior IT Manager at Influitive, all about advocate marketing, how they found Zoom, and how they are using it to reach more customers.

“We believe word of mouth is the most powerful way for a company to grow,” explained Stephen. “Our platform allows marketers to harness that.” He went on to describe Influitive: a startup with 135 employees in Toronto, Boston, and San Francisco offices.

The company had tried several different web conferencing tools. “But the products had stability issues. They weren’t always reliable,” said Stephen. “We were getting a lot of complaints from customers that they couldn’t hear us. The applications were crashing in the middle of some very important calls.”

Sure, a meeting crashing can be annoying. But for a startup trying to close a deal with a major prospect, it can be also disastrous. “Any meeting could be the difference between winning and losing a sale. We couldn’t put up with unreliable meetings,” explained Stephen.

Plus, with a growing remote workforce, it was more important than ever that internal meetings made all employees – whether they were working out of the company’s Toronto headquarters or their home office in Squamish, BC or Birmingham, AL – feel like they were in the same room together. “After a formal survey showed our users were unhappy, we looked to see what else was out there.”


Stephen’s team evaluated several different video conferencing and collaboration tools with the following criteria:

  • Reliability
  • Integrations with Google Calendar and Slack
  • Screen sharing
  • Efficient mobile application
  • No downloads for participants
  • 100+ participants (for town hall meetings)
  • Affordable pricing

They were primarily looking to serve two different use cases: Sales meetings with prospects and internal meetings. It was clear early on that Zoom was ideally suited for most requirements. “It was very easy to use and the staff adopted it very quickly,” explained Stephen. Initially though, they ruled out Zoom for the sales team, thinking that sales reps wouldn’t like asking prospects to download a plug-in before meetings. After their evaluation, they planned to roll out a different tool for sales and Zoom for everyone else.

Then something funny happened. “Once we launched Zoom to other teams, the sales team tried it and loved it. They didn’t mind having customers install the plug in. The overall ease of use and quality of Zoom overrode that initial requirement.” So Stephen’s team listened and gave the people what they wanted: All Zoom all the time! They deployed 125 Zoom Business accounts as well as one 100-participant large meeting account for town hall meetings.

The results have been fantastic so far:

  • Fast adoption across Influitive
  • Happy employees and customers! Zoom has been easy to use and prospects don’t mind the download
  • No more crashing applications and dropped calls
  • Video conferencing support tickets dropped dramatically

Influitive and Zoom are both at the cutting edge of our respective industries. We’re always happy when our service can support a fellow innovative tech company and we look forward to seeing great things from Influitive!

If your company is looking to upgrade to a more reliable video solution that your employees will actually enjoy using, sign up for a one-on-one demo with a Zoom product specialist today!