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Zoom into The MAVEN Project: Filling Healthcare Gaps One Physician at a Time
March 9, 2017 by Nina Jolani

By Nina Jolani, The MAVEN Project

In the US we spend about 18 percent* of our GDP on healthcare – more than any other high income country – yet we have the poorest health among these nations. Among the major contributors to our national health crisis are poor access to healthcare providers, health resources, and the lack of health insurance coverage. Even with the passage of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) nearly 29 million Americans are uninsured. If the ACA is repealed, this number may increase to nearly 50 million. The MAVEN Project is dedicated to addressing the problem of timely healthcare access — Zoom’s platform that enables HIPAA compliance is a critical tool in that effort.

The MAVEN Project Meets Zoom

In 2013, Laurie Green, MD, a managing partner in a San Francisco obstetric-gynecology practice, was serving as President of the Harvard Medical School Alumni Association and had an “aha moment”: “What if the energy and talent of volunteer physicians, particularly those who are semi- or newly retired, could help address the challenges in the US healthcare system?” Dr. Green socialized the idea with several medical school alumni associations and soon enough the vision became a reality: The MAVEN Project.

The MAVEN Project’s business model is simple: MATCH + SOLVE + FACILITATE. The MAVEN Project MATCHES volunteer physicians with rural and urban clinics and organizations that serve vulnerable populations; SOLVES barriers such as malpractice insurance, geographical, and technological challenges of US-based physician volunteers; and FACILITATES direct-to-patient consultations, curbside consultations, and education/mentoring using the secure Zoom video and teleconferencing platform. Volunteers commit to a minimum of four hours per month – a small effort with BIG impact.


To date, The MAVEN Project volunteers have conducted over 380 remote patient visits, consultations, and educational sessions. These sessions have included cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, genetics, hematology, internal medicine, otolaryngology, psychiatry, and rheumatology.

Currently, The MAVEN Project has five ongoing collaborations – two with clinics involved in direct-to-patient sessions, two clinics engaged in educational lunch and learns, and one involving curbside consults. The MAVEN Project is expanding, focusing on an aggregated, regional approach within California, Massachusetts, and Florida to leverage volunteer resources for even greater impact to come.

The MAVEN Project uses Zoom for three basic reasons: 1) Its easy-to-use interface, even for non-techy, first-time users, 2) It enables HIPAA compliance, and 3) Its attentive customer service. These factors resulted in the quick adoption and implementation of Zoom by The MAVEN Project’s volunteer physicians.

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* CMS.GOV: National Health Expenditure Accounts. (2016, December 6).

About the Author:

Nina Jolani is the East Coast Telehealth Program Manager at The MAVEN Project. Nina has built her career through a variety of roles and industries, including experience in government affairs, digital health, informatics, non-profits and state and local governments. In addition, she has an extensive research and implementation background in telemedicine, mobile health and health information exchanges through past professional positions. Nina received an MS in Health Informatics from Northeastern University and a BA in Political Science/International Studies from the University of Dayton.