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Zoom + TalentLMS For eLearning Success
March 15, 2017 by Nikos Andriotis

By Nikos Andriotis

eLearning is not a simple, single, thing. It is one of the most multi-faceted IT fields, which applies to corporate training, commercial and academic learning, micro- and mobile learning, blended (hybrid) learning, employee onboarding, extended enterprise training, and perhaps a couple more applications that we’re forgetting here. We’ve learned about the multitude of eLearning applications from the 5,800+ educational institutions that run our video communications for a variety of purposes, from online classroom sessions to academic research projects to administrative meetings. Both Zoom and TalentLMS have developed features to support all these use cases.

One would think that such diversity of use cases would necessitate a crazy complicated platform, but in reality, TalentLMS has received awards for its ease of use. That’s because underneath it all, there’s simply a set of core features, each easy to grasp, that can combine to handle different use cases. This will be familiar to Zoom users, who know that for all the Zoom features, we have kept our high-quality video, audio, and screen sharing supremely easy to use.


One new core feature of TalentLMS is its teleconference functionality, which has recently been revamped to offer native integration with Zoom’s cloud video conferencing and messaging platform.

This integration allows TalentLMS users to conduct Zoom Video Meeting sessions using Zoom’s platform right from their eLearning portal. The combination of TalentLMS’ core eLearning functionality and Zoom’s real-time conference software opens up many use cases and provides the missing pieces for an overall better eLearning experience. Let’s look at some of these use cases…

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding or induction training is an important application of eLearning in the enterprise, and video-based conferencing sessions can help introduce new hires to their positions in a more personal and engaging way than having them go through a text-based introductory material. You can also bring in guest speakers from other offices to present to the new hires, giving them the best understanding of the company as a whole.

Commercial eLearning

TalentLMS comes with native support for marketing and selling courses, and has a large customer base that uses it for exactly this purpose. With the recent update to TalentLMS, our customers have the ability to create and sell their own recorded Zoom Video Meeting series, tapping into an increasingly popular method of eLearning delivery.

ILT / Hybrid Learning

While typical eLearning courses are great for giving students the ability to study at their own pace and chosen times, they are not always the optimal training solution, especially when a more personal and direct approach is required.

Instructor-Led Training (aka “hybrid” training) lets instructors combine conventional asynchronous eLearning units with training sessions that can take place in the classroom, or – with a little help from Zoom – online in the form of real-time video conference sessions.

Extended Enterprise Training

Extended Enterprise, a term that recently rose to prominence, refers to businesses whose success depends on a wider network of partners, with roles including resellers, suppliers, subsidiaries, franchisees, and more.

eLearning with a tool like TalentLMS and Zoom allows corporations to reach to their extended enterprise network, and create centralized training programs to help standardize and coordinate their training. The enterprise and their network will see significant time and cost savings, as well as a standardized learning experience, over traditional decentralized training.

This, of course, also requires central coordination and organizing training sessions that unite learners from across the whole network (e.g. a session that involves the managers of each franchise shop). Zoom web and video conferencing, and group messaging cover exactly those needs in an easy-to-use and cross-platform functionality natively integrated with TalentLMS.

Social and Collaborative Learning

One aspect of traditional learning that is often lost in most eLearning implementations is socialization. This is something that has always been part of a traditional classroom-based training, with the teachers playing into group dynamics to enhance the learning process and foster collaboration between their students.

TalentLMS and Zoom offer several tools to bring the social aspect back in online learning. TalentLMS provides a Discussion Forums functionality that helps to facilitate a community for its users, and the Gamification Engine that is intended to instill a spirit of friendly competition among the learners.

TalentLMS’ support of a comprehensive real-time collaboration solution in the form of the Zoom integration allows our users to host online classes and conferences, openly share ideas, discuss their lessons, and host Q&A sessions. Zoom’s high quality, reliable video and audio for up to 500 participants means that students can feel as if they’re in the same room.

TalentLMS’ online learning capabilities combined with Zoom’s advanced video collaboration and messaging services give our users a best-of-breed combination that is able to cater to all enterprise, commercial, and academic eLearning uses cases.nikos andriotis

About the Author: Nikos Andriotis was born in Greece sometime in the last millennium. Has has a degree in Informatics and close to two decades of professional experience in education, IT and eLearning. His writings have been published in numerous tech industry outlets.