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Zoomtopia 2017 is Here! Live Stream & Product Announcements
September 25, 2017 by Priscilla Barolo

Today is the big day: Zoomtopia 2017! Here’s what you need to know and go…

Live Stream

Zoomtopia, Zoom’s first annual user conference, highlights the future of collaboration through seminars, interactive breakout sessions, and panel discussions. Throughout the day, customers will learn from the Zoom team and each other in structured educational sessions and unstructured networking opportunities. They will also be treated to surprises, entertainment, and activities, all designed to delight them. If you aren’t able to make it, don’t fret! We are live streaming all of the main stage sessions, and a few extra, at starting at 8:30 am PT today. Check it out!

Product Announcements

At Zoomtopia, we will demo new innovations and integrations that provide organizations with smarter, more productive, and happier ways to work. Here are the new features we announced today:

  • Smart Meetings: With scheduling plug-ins, whiteboarding, enterprise reporting dashboard, and other smart features, Zoom has been ahead of the curve in providing the best end-to-end meeting experience. With today’s announcement of Recording Transcripts, it’s taking smart meetings to the next level. This free, industry-first feature creates a searchable transcript of a Zoom cloud recording. Recording Transcripts convert all the speech from a recording into text and even identify each speaker. It allows users to search the resulting transcript for keywords, then jump to that keyword in the cloud video recording playback. Recording Transcripts save money and time by eliminating the need for participants to take notes during a meeting and by capturing information needed for training, content creation, legal depositions, sales calls, shareholder meetings, and more. This feature is currently available to Beta customers, contact us to try it out. When Recording Transcripts go live, it will be available to Zoom Business, Enterprise, and Education plan customers.
  • Enterprise Workflow Integrations: Zoom has created an integration with Workplace by Facebook, allowing users to start and stream a Zoom meeting or webinar in Workplace by Facebook. Once enabled, this free feature is activated by simply clicking “Live on Workplace by Facebook” in the Zoom interface. Zoom is also expanding its partnership with Slack with support for Shared Channels, and by enhancing its existing integration with their service. Users can start Zoom meetings within Slack and after the meeting they receive a summary in the Slack channel with information such as the meeting duration, attendees, and cloud recording. The Slack / Zoom integration has already seen tremendous popularity. Over 100,000 Zoom meetings were started in Slack in the past month.
  • Conference Room Plus: Zoom’s conference room platform, Zoom Rooms, now extends into other spaces throughout an enterprise campus. Sam Bryson, Global IT Support Manager for Medallia, a leading enterprise customer experience management company, will take part in a Zoomtopia seminar entitled “Migrating to and Adopting Zoom.” Bryson will discuss how Medallia adopted Zoom for communications far beyond its conference rooms and desktops, using it to provide video-enabled, smarter ways to work at nearly every touchpoint. He’ll describe how Medallia represents the connected, video-enabled workplace that Zoom delivers to its customers, supporting rapid global growth. The San Mateo-based company uses Zoom meetings on mobile and desktops, and in conference rooms, and relies on Zoom Rooms Scheduling Displays for super-organized room booking. Now Zoom customers can extend their Zoom Rooms beyond their conference rooms, creating digital signage in their lobbies, elevator banks, cafeterias, gyms, hallways, and other locations to display up-to-the-minute information about company activities, news, and even menus.
  • Augmented Reality: Zoom has developed an integration with augmented reality provider Meta. Meta’s immersive AR technology allows 3D models to be shared and manipulated as holograms in real time on the Zoom platform, unlocking the potential of spatial learning for every Zoom user. Meta’s direct integration with Zoom allows users to experience the widest field of view available in AR, offering an immersive experience with photorealistic holograms. Whether you’re building 3D architectural models or learning about human anatomy, you can touch, grab, push, and pull stunning 3D holograms for all participants to see in your Zoom video call.

All of these innovations will be demoed at Zoomtopia and will be available between now and the end of 2017

Insider Zoomtopia Tips

“Zoomtopia is a celebration of our customers, and an opportunity to deliver them a day of happiness, learning, and fun,” said Eric S. Yuan, our founder and CEO. “We’re also excited to use today to share with our customers the new features we’ve built to provide them with smarter, more connected ways to work.”

Here are some of our favorite things to check out today at Zoomtopia:

  • Fireside chat with Michael Moritz, Sequoia Partner, and Eric Yuan, our CEO, at 9:15 am. This chat will be live streamed!
  • Social Corner – Visit our social media booth to connect and share! Our customers are everything to us, so let us snap a high-res #Zoomtopia17 themed photo for you to share on on your social networks.
  • Swag Store – Stop by to pick out 3 free items of your choice. We have tees, water bottles, hats, lunch boxes, socks, and so much more.
  • Expo Hall – See the latest and greatest from our partners: Logitech, AVer, Panacast, Meta, Zendesk, Yamaha/Revolabs, and DisplayTen.
  • Don’t go home early! After the major keynotes there is still a lot of fun to be had. Take a picture with the Warriors Championship trophy. Gorge yourself on food trucks. Listen to the awesome sounds of Weezer.