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Case Study: Fortune 100 Company Streamlines Communications with Zoom
November 2, 2017 by Jihoon Park

Check out Zoom’s newest case study on a Fortune 100 technology company.

Before Zoom, the customer relied on a makeshift network of WebEx, Cisco, Intercall, and a home-grown web conferencing solution for their communications needs, resulting in numerous challenges. The customer needed a service that is Linux and Mac compatible, secure with end-to-end encryption, supports local recording, is massively scalable in affordability, and offers mobile screen sharing.

Thankfully, the customer’s IT Team saw that Zoom not only met their requirements and solved the challenges of having multiple communications services, but also was easier and more reliable. Because Zoom’s free service closely matched the paid Pro service, the customer was able to fully stress test on a large scale. The pilot produced outstanding results, and everyone from senior leaders to customers provided positive feedback.

The customer pushed Zoom out to their staggering 25,000+ person product organization. In addition, smaller deployments of Zoom Video Webinar 3000-viewer and Zoom Large Meeting 500-participant were added. Zoom is used extensively for international collaborations between the US, UK, and India. “I never hear a complaint about quality, even in our international meetings.”

The transition from the customer’s previous network of multiple services to Zoom was seamless and smooth. And after seeing Zoom’s easy connection and robust usage, other organizations within the company began making the switch. “WebEx users get frustrated and come to me asking for Zoom licenses. People get invited to Zoom meetings and prefer the Zoom experience.”

In addition to solving their initial problems, the customer saw that Zoom offered more benefits including:

  • Ability to save recordings locally to a desktop for added security
  • Features such as video breakout rooms and polling

Since making the switch to Zoom, the customer has seen greater adoption, more collaboration, and lower costs. Read the full case study for more on this awesome story, and make sure to check out our other case studies here. To learn how Zoom can enrich your collaboration, sign up for a 1 – 1 demo with a specialist today.