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Know and Go: New Zoom Product Release Details
November 7, 2017 by Priscilla Barolo

This past weekend Zoom released an update with a whole bunch of new, awesome features. Here is a list of every new feature released. In this post we’ll highlight a couple particularly cool new additions. We’ll also do deep dives of these features in the next week or so – stay tuned!

Tiered Settings

Tiered settings provides a way to manage settings so that account administrators have the ability to control and lock their users’ settings for meetings, webinars, and audio conferences. This way an administrator can make sure that their users have automatic access to every feature they want them to use and none they don’t. For example, if your organization requires for compliance purposes that all your webinars be recorded to the cloud, all you have to do as an administrator is navigate to your account settings, enable cloud recordings, and lock it at the company, group, or department level. All of the users impacted will be automatically notified of the change.

Workplace by Facebook

Zoom announced our Workplace by Facebook integrations back at Zoomtopia in September, and we’re excited it’s here for you to enjoy. Zoom has created bots (software that runs automated tasks) that lets you do two different things on Workplace:

  1. Enable the “Live on Workplace by Facebook” option on the “More” setting of your meeting to allow live streaming of the meeting to Workplace by Facebook.
  2. Enter the command @zoom directly into your Workplace by Facebook chat session to start a Zoom meeting. You can include a meeting description at the start, and see the meeting summary and recording location at the end of the meeting in the Workplace

If you’d like to get a full demo of these features, as well as anything else about Zoom that strikes your fancy, sign up for a quick personalized chat with a Zoom product specialist. You can also join our live trainings at – we host three administrator trainings a week!