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Zoomtopia 2017: Customers Who Inspire Us
November 9, 2017 by Clancy Hickinbotham

We spend a lot of time on this blog focusing on the ways Zoom is delivering happiness to the world. As much as we like sharing our story, we also love celebrating the incredible stories of our customers’ success, and how using Zoom enabled them to impact, improve, and in some cases, save lives. We talked to three different customers who all use Zoom as the backbone of their operation, to better understand how they connect to the world around them. Our very own head of marketing, Janine Pelosi, spoke with:

During their conversation, Katz described his primary patients: young children who struggle to eat in their daily lives. Katz directs a program, scheduled over three weeks, to re-teach children how to eat. Much of the program’s success has come from the sheer dedication to this learning process. Simultaneously, however, the intensity of the program also creates problems for parents who cannot attend the program in it’s entirety. “Much of the success has to do with parents,” says Katz, who emphasizes that their involvement is what changes and eventually saves lives. Using Zoom’s communications software that enables HIPAA compliance, parents are able to see the progress their child is making, while communicating with doctors and other caregivers to keep the children’s treatment consistent once they leave the hospital. Speaking about his gratitude for Zoom, Katz remarked, “The ability to save one life is a gift. To do it hundreds of times, is a dream come true.”


To see this and the other two tremendous testimonials, watch the full recording here. If you think your business could benefit from using Zoom too, sign up for a for a 1-on-1 product demo now!

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