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Video Case Study: BAYADA Home Health Care
December 12, 2017 by Jihoon Park

See how Zoom is impacting the future of home health care with BAYADA! In our new video case study, founder and chairman Mark Baiada, CIO Ed Malinowski, and IT manager Dennis Vallone talk about BAYADA Home Health Care and how Zoom has helped them to better serve clients and build stronger connections and relationships.

BAYADA is an international home health care company with over 18,000 nursing staff and 250 offices across the United States and around the world. Because BAYADA’s clients are homebound and often isolated from the healthcare system, BAYADA needed a high-quality, innovative, and fail-safe communications service to connect with clients. Because Zoom enables HIPAA compliance and is compatible with pre-existing AV hardware, it was the perfect solution for BAYADA.

“Innovative solutions are important to us. There’s not a lot of margin to work with in home health care. Everything we do is to provide better care for our clients,” says Vallone.

“The quality was so high, it was so reliable and easy to use, Zoom jumped us to a higher level…Certain things that couldn’t be done over the phone can now be done with video, minimizing the need to go to a hospital. We think it’s going to revolutionize healthcare delivery,” says Baiada.

Zoom’s healthcare solution has transformed BAYADA by bringing employees closer to their clients, helping caregivers virtually enter into the home with greater frequency, and fostering collaboration between clinical managers and caregivers. Zoom has helped caregivers build the trusted long-term relationships and human connections that are so crucial in successful home health care.

Watch the full video here:

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