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Feature Spotlight: Microsoft Teams on Zoom
January 17, 2018 by Priscilla Barolo

At Zoom, we’re all about letting you meet however you want. Now, ideally, you’d use all Zoom all the time, but we know you might have a preference for mixing it up and using other services too. We’re cool with that. That’s why we’ve built a TON of fantastic integrations including those with Skype for Business and Slack. Let’s take a look at one more such integration: Microsoft Teams on Zoom.


Zoom’s Microsoft Teams integration allows you to start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting through commands to Bots (software applications that run automated tasks). Basically, meetings you create through commands in Teams will start on Zoom automatically. Watch this short video to learn more:

Installing the Integration

To use this integration, you need to have a paid Zoom account, a Teams account, and Zoom admin access for the setup. First, you visit Integrations in the Zoom admin portal and configure the Teams integration, then you log in to Microsoft teams to add the new bot to a new or existing team. Once it’s loaded, you’ll see Zoom Bot on the bots list in Teams. You’ll also see a Welcome message in your team conversation with a Sign in link. By clicking that link, you connect the Zoom account to Microsoft Teams. There are a few steps to each of the actions above, so please check out these detailed step-by-step instructions in our Knowledge Base.

Using the Integration

You use the Microsoft Teams for Zoom integration by typing various commands into Teams:

  • See all commands: Type @Zoom, select the Zoom bot, and type help
  • Start an instant meeting: Type @Zoom, select the Zoom bot, and type start (Note, if you have enabled a Zoom personal meeting ID for instant meetings, the command will use this PMI). Click Click Here to join the meeting, which will open in Zoom
  • Start an instant meeting with a specific topic: Type @Zoom, select the Zoom bot, and type start followed by the desired topic name. Click Click Here to join the meeting, which will open in Zoom
  • Join a meeting: Type @Zoom, select the Zoom bot, and type join followed by the meeting ID of the meeting that you want to join

We hope you find our integration with Microsoft Teams useful. If you want to learn more about this integration, and the other ways we’ve developed a flexible, user-friendly meeting experience for you, please sign up for a personalized 1-1 demo with Zoom product specialist today.