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Enrich Your Marketing Campaigns with a Zoom Webinars-Marketo Engage Integration
July 22, 2019 by Abhishek Balaji

Zoom Video Webinars provide a frictionless experience to communicate with large audiences. Coupled with marketing automation products like Marketo Engage, businesses can successfully run campaigns to boost their lead and account-based strategies. Today, we are excited to announce a new and improved version of our seamless integration with Marketo Engage that will help supercharge your marketing journey.

What Exists Today

Zoom has an existing integration with Marketo Engage that was built using webhooks. By configuring Zoom’s Webinar setup page and Marketo’s response mapping, users can share attendee information between these platforms. The latest integration expands on the initial build to simplify the setup process and further advance your integrated marketing efforts.

The New and Improved Integration

With our enhanced integration available through the Zoom App Marketplace and LaunchPoint by Marketo, an Adobe company, the click-based setup is easy, and the integration allows Zoom to be present as an event partner in your Marketo Engage campaign. With a robust bi-directional sync, marketers can now share information automatically between Zoom and Marketo Engage, both before and after a webinar.

After the webinar is scheduled in Zoom, marketers can easily include the webinar URL into Marketo’s registration email. Based on the responses to these emails, webinar attendees will be automatically populated in Zoom. After the webinar is over, the attendance information will be displayed back in Marketo Engage so you can continue your lead and account nurturing and follow-up processes.

Zoom and Marketo Engage

Connect Zoom & Marketo Engage Today

Gone are the days of creating custom objects and webhooks for configuring your Marketo Engage campaign and Zoom webinar. A simplified user interface streamlines setup and management of your integration and provides an intuitive and seamless experience. 

Download Zoom Video Webinars’ native Marketo Engage integration today to get started and maximize your webinar productivity. For additional integrations that will enhance and extend your marketing automation, check out what’s new in the Zoom App Marketplace.

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