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‘It’s Just Been Perfect’: How Arinex Delivers Exceptional Event Management Services with Zoom
October 1, 2019 by John Montgomery

Event management is a complex art that requires exceptional organization, perfect coordination, and a sense of unrivaled hospitality, and Australia-based Arinex offers an all-in-one approach to event management that gives clients warm, welcoming and streamlined event experiences.

Arinex offers traditional event management services such as registration assistance and accommodation management, but it also offers digital solutions that drive marketing efforts, increase attendee participation, and help ensure a well-organized event. 

With 85 employees across their four offices, Arinex coordinates and manages events in Australia and abroad, working with clients in countries such as Korea, Germany, and Singapore. However, Arinex found it difficult to coordinate its physical and digital event management services due to constraints on communication tools and issues with reliability. 

“We had a legacy communications solution that we were using, and it worked well within Australia,” said Shaun Daws, Arinex Head of Technology. “But it didn’t work well internationally because we didn’t have a dial-in number for any country except Australia.”

Finding a dynamic, reliable communications platform 

In its search for an easy-to-use video solution that would allow the company to more effectively communicate around the world, Arinex investigated numerous solutions.

“As we began to look at other products, we decided to trial Skype for Business,” Daws said. “But we faced a lot of issues because we don’t have a hosted Skype for Business server in our environment and without that, the quality and reliability of the calls just wasn’t good enough.”

A few other solutions also proved to be too expensive to implement based on the cost of the hardware and the software. However, Arinex team members had already experienced Zoom’s reliability and intuitive interface during Zoom meetings with clients around the world. 

“A lot of our clients were using Zoom, and we never had a single complaint about the quality of those calls, it’s just been perfect,” said Santi Thawornwiphat, Manager of Technology Operations at Arinex. 

“We found that other solutions required a lot of bandwidth, so we did some internal technology team testing in low-bandwidth environments,” Daws added. “We ran Skype for Business, Zoom, and other video conferencing solutions, and we found that Zoom was able to optimize traffic far better than the other solutions.” 

Screen sharing, Zoom Rooms, Zoom Webinars

The teams at Arinex easily implemented Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms and lauded the platform’s ability to integrate with a wide range of hardware, which saved the company thousands of dollars. And with the intuitive interface, Arinex staff required very little training to effectively use Zoom. 

The sales teams at Arinex often use the screen sharing feature on their desktops and mobile devices to demo digital solutions to clients. With the added ability to demonstrate value in a very timely manner, Arinex saves on travel costs and provides clients with an in-depth understanding of how its services will increase the impact and value of a conference.

“At the end of the day, we needed a reliable tool to perform demos for prospective clients and allow them to interview us for contracts,” Daws said. “And having something like Zoom is critical to making that happen.”

Arinex also improved the efficiency of its training sessions by implementing Zoom. The Zoom Webinar solution enables Arinex to host its sessions virtually, which means the company doesn’t have to fly employees back and forth to different offices for training. Arinex also records these training sessions to the cloud, where all of its employees are able to access them for refresher training.

The Zoom difference

Arinex has leveraged Zoom to increase sales, improve efficiency, and drive employee development, creating a more effective and flexible business. As Arinex continues to pursue a unified communications infrastructure, the events management company will look to Zoom to continue to help it grow and succeed.

“The Zoom rollout has been one of our best successes and feedback from staff has been unanimously excellent,” Daws said.

“And we’re really excited about Zoom Phone,” Thawornwiphat said. “We can’t wait to implement it.”

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And to learn more about how Zoom can transform your business, schedule a personalized Zoom demo with a product specialist today!