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Steinway & Sons Livestreams Unique Piano Performance Using Zoom Video Webinars
November 13, 2019 by Kaitlyn Guzman

This past October, Steinway & Sons hosted an exclusive piano performance at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto, California, to unveil the Lang Lang Black Diamond Limited Edition SPIRIO | r  piano. With only 88 of these pianos made and very few available for purchase, this special event gave attendees the opportunity to view three of the pianos on-site. Lang Lang, a world-renowned concert pianist and Steinway Artist who co-designed the piano with designer Dakota Jackson, gave a spectacular performance that evening to demonstrate its unique sound and power.

Although this event had a limited capacity, Steinway & Sons wanted to share this special performance with a wider audience. That’s where Zoom came in. With the power of Zoom Video Webinars, Steinway was able to live-broadcast this unique event. Zoom Video Webinars gave Steinway the ability to share video and capture clear audio of the performance so online attendees could also experience the power of this piano and performance.

With Zoom Video Webinars, you can capture and broadcast uninterrupted audio and video without concern for attendees disrupting your live event, as they automatically have audio and video disabled when they join. Additionally, webinar hosts have the ability to chat with viewers, answer questions via the Q&A panel, record directly to the Zoom cloud, and even charge a registration fee for your webinars. And if you want to reach a virtually unlimited audience, you can broadcast your Zoom webinar over Facebook Live or YouTube.

“Steinway & Sons is thrilled to partner with Zoom to present the U.S. unveiling of the Lang Lang Black Diamond Limited Edition SPIRIO | r piano featuring Steinway Artist Lang Lang to the world through the Zoom webinar,” said Alexis Leon, retail marketing manager at Steinway & Sons.

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