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If there’s anything that has hurt adoption of video conferencing solutions in small and medium businesses over the years, it’s the misconceptions about these applications. This makes sense because many of the myths currently held as truth were actually true at one point or another. Some of them are still very true for some services. […]

5 Video Conferencing Myths Debunked By Zoom
November 26, 2013

“Business” is an amorphous term that often leads people to believe that, no matter the size, every business’s needs can be met with one particular formula. Enterprise software providers and developers often make this mistake, failing to realize (or perhaps just ignoring) the unique needs of the small business sector. But, then again, there is […]

Why Small Businesses Succeed With Zoom
November 21, 2013

Dementia can be a very isolating and disempowering disease. Due to the stigma of dementia and misunderstandings about the symptoms experienced by those with dementia, people are reluctant to speak with those with dementia directly about their diagnoses and their lives, even during the early stages of the illness. Often people with dementia become separated […]

Zoom Helps Give a Voice to People with Dementia
November 19, 2013

Counter Culture Labs (CCL) is an open biotechnology community that tries to make science easily accessible to the public, which means CCL spends a lot of time on public education and building their networks with other DIY bio groups around the world. Anyone can join CCL and participate in its activities, regardless of their background […]

Citizen Science Thrives On Zoom
November 14, 2013

Our newest case study, Nepris Inspires Students Through Zoom, examines Nepris‘ solution to the obstacles of connecting industry experts with students in classrooms to help academic lessons become more real and meaningful. Guest lecturers have long been used in classrooms. However, helpful as they may be to the few students they reach, their lectures aren’t […]

New Case Study: Nepris & Zoom Inspire Students
November 13, 2013

We’re excited to visit Denver, Colorado for the 2013 WCET Connect Annual Conference tomorrow through November 15. WCET focuses on various education topics. This year’s themes are: competency based learning, open online courses and mobile learning. Given our emerging status as a leading provider to universities seeking to enhance their online and mobile offerings, WCET is […]

Zoom’s 5 Things to See and Do at WCET
November 12, 2013

The medical industry has been plagued with inefficiency and at time seems immune to breakthroughs. One of the reasons for this is the loss of productivity experienced when dealing with paperwork. Each doctor in the United States has, on average, 390 patients to work with. At Zoom, we believe that technology should not get in […]

How Healthcare Can Zoom its Way to Greatness
November 7, 2013

As a small business owner, I was excited when I discovered Zoom. I had been looking for a web-based, screen-sharing program to use to teach seniors how to get the most out of their computers, phones and tablets. What I discovered once I started “playing”’ with the many features Zoom offers, is that it is […]

Guest Blogger: Technology Coaching & Connections Via Zoom
November 5, 2013

Can you do a crazier Halloween Zoom shot than this? Submit your Zoom Halloween screen shots to The best shot wins the next 3 months of Zoom Pro free! –The Zoom Team

Zoom Halloween Contest!
October 31, 2013