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Plan ahead: Send handouts ahead of time. This helps your audience take notes and stay engaged with the presentation. Interact! Particularly on video, it is important to keep your audience involved. Reduce content to make time interact, particularly with remote audiences. Put some fun and relevant quotes, cartoons or videos (a clip from The Office, […]

Give a Video Presentation That Won’t Put Everyone to Sleep
February 25, 2013

Check out our newest case study: Handwriting’s On Life Support, But Two People Are Reviving It. This is such an interesting story. In this age of email and MS Word, the Campaign for Cursive is trying to revive handwriting. Not only can handwriting be art form – think calligraphy – there are cognitive benefits associated […]

New Case Study: The Campaign for Cursive
February 15, 2013

Zoom is at MacIT at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. MacIT is the premiere event for enterprise deployments of Apple. Nick, our Head of Marketing, Ross, Head of Support, and Richard and Daniel, two of our Sales Executives, are attending the expo. MacIT is big for Zoom. We are making two major announcements at […]

Zoom is at MacIT 2013 With Big News!
January 31, 2013

Quality. Simplicity. HD Video Conferencing + Mobility + Web Meetings A new milestone: Thank you for crossing the half-a-million participants mark with us! As Dan Colman, Director and Associate Dean, said, “Our partnership with Zoom has provided Stanford Continuing Studies the ability to engage and collaborate with our students virtually and make our online classes feel more dynamic. Zoom has surpassed […]

Zoom updates Unified Meeting Experience with new features.
January 26, 2013

Check out Zoom’s newest case study: The Magic in the User Experience. This case features an interview with Theo Economides, Lecturer and Consultant at Greenline Emeritus Consulting. Theo is an expert in video conferencing platforms and gave us some food for thought. Here are some takeaways from the case: Video conferencing platforms should host a […]

New Case Study: The Magic in the User Experience
January 15, 2013