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Our newest case study, Nepris Inspires Students Through Zoom, examines Nepris‘ solution to the obstacles of connecting industry experts with students in classrooms to help academic lessons become more real and meaningful. Guest lecturers have long been used in classrooms. However, helpful as they may be to the few students they reach, their lectures aren’t […]

New Case Study: Nepris & Zoom Inspire Students
November 13, 2013

Remember being taken aside in elementary school and asked to say a few words to a speech therapist? Maybe you had regular meetings to correct a speech disorder? Well, if you’ve ever wondered who these specialists are and how they become speech-language experts, check out our newest case study: Fischler School of Education Replaces Distant […]

New Case: Nova Southeastern University
September 26, 2013

Check out our newest case: The Apractis Clinic and the Healing Power of Zoom, which focuses on the healthcare industry. Founded by Neurologist Dr. Andrew Barbash, The Apractis Clinic seeks to facilitate collaboration in healthcare environments and connect patients and doctors to help them make the most of technology currently available in their organizations. Barbash […]

New Case Study: The Apractis Clinic
September 3, 2013

LiquidSpace helps people find high quality temporary workspaces, such as meeting and co-working spaces. Theses spaces are ideal for traveling business people or those that don’t have a stable place to meet or work. As a company, LiquidSpace uses its own model and has employees who work from home or a liquidspace. Therefore, LiquidSpace needed […]

A Successful Mobile Workforce Connects Using Zoom
July 29, 2013

Lookout is a mobile security company that builds security software to protect people, businesses and networks from mobile threats. They have multiple offices hundreds of miles apart – two locations in California, one in the UK, and they are looking to further expand internationally. After trying a number of video conferencing solutions, Lookout chose to […]

Mobile Security Company Uses Zoom for Global Employees
July 2, 2013

Check out our latest case study: Leading ATM Provider Builds Employee Relationships Through Video. This case focuses on FCTI, a leading ATM network and service provider. FCTI has offices in LA and Las Vegas, collaborates with contractors in Mexico, and communicates with its parent company in Japan. Needless to say, Kendall Cain, their IT Manager, […]

ATM Provider Builds Employee Relationships Through Video
June 13, 2013

We know that Zoom is used for lectures and teacher-student meetings in universities, but we had no idea how many other ways schools can use collaboration tools like Zoom. The University of Iowa Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy faculty use Zoom to work with teachers around the state to improve elementary school literacy levels in […]

New Case Study: University of Northern Iowa Zooms
June 7, 2013

Check out our newest case study: Handwriting’s On Life Support, But Two People Are Reviving It. This is such an interesting story. In this age of email and MS Word, the Campaign for Cursive is trying to revive handwriting. Not only can handwriting be art form – think calligraphy – there are cognitive benefits associated […]

New Case Study: The Campaign for Cursive
February 15, 2013

Check out Zoom’s newest case study: The Magic in the User Experience. This case features an interview with Theo Economides, Lecturer and Consultant at Greenline Emeritus Consulting. Theo is an expert in video conferencing platforms and gave us some food for thought. Here are some takeaways from the case: Video conferencing platforms should host a […]

New Case Study: The Magic in the User Experience
January 15, 2013