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Check out our newest case study: Productivity Booster Twoodo Spreads Harmony with Zoom! This case focuses on Twoodo, a fast-paced team collaboration tool for the hashtag generation. “Twoodo is a fast and simple way to get your team organized using simple hashtags,” said David Arnoux, co-founder and head of growth at Twoodo. “The hashtags used […]

New Case Study: Twoodo Spreads Workplace Harmony With Zoom
August 26, 2014

Check out our newest case study: Columbia Business School Brings Zoom to the Ivy League! This cases focuses on how Columbia Business School uses Zoom in it’s quest to create leaders of businesses, non-profits, and governments around the world. We wanted to learn how Columbia’s faculty and administration create a world-class institution that lives up […]

New Case: Columbia Business School Zooms
July 15, 2014

Check out our newest case study: New Moms Rejoice as YUMs Yoga Teaches On Zoom! This case focuses on Alicia Tan, founder and instructor at YUMs Yoga, a virtual yoga therapy center where many women who have recently given birth practice yoga poses that will benefit their health. It provides expectant and new moms with […]

New Case Study: YUMs Yoga Teaches Yoga On Zoom
July 8, 2014

Check out our newest case study: Virtual Mediation Lab Settles Disputes & Trains Mediators Through Zoom. This case focuses on the Virtual Mediation Lab, an organization that hosts online mediation sessions through video, allowing parties in a dispute to converse through a mediator. They also mentor and instruct those new to the mentoring profession. We […]

New Zoom Case Study: Virtual Mediation Lab
May 27, 2014

Check out our newest case study: JAS: Global Logistics Company Manages Internal Logistics With Zoom. JAS Forwarding Worldwide is an international freight fowarding company with a highly dispersed workforce around the world. Organizing their international teams is much easier said than done, and requires a state-of-the-art video meeting system. To learn more, we talked to […]

New Case Study: JAS and Zoom
April 15, 2014

Check out our newest case study: Synergenius Achieves Telepsychiatry Synergy Using Zoom. This case focuses on SynerGenius, a consulting and psychiatry practice that uses the power of video to reach its clients. “SynerGenius is comprised of two different sister organizations,” says Dr. Chanel Helgason, SynerGenius Founder and Director. “The first one is SynerGenius Telepresence, which […]

New Case Study: SynerGenius Telepsychiatry and Zoom
February 18, 2014

Last August, we spoke with Malena Watrous, Lead Instructor, and Teresa Kpachavi, Student Services Manager, Online Courses at Stanford Continuing Studies about the early adoption of Zoom at their school. Stanford Continuing Studies serves more than 13,000 students each year, with 8% of those students taking online courses. Zoom is proud to contribute to Stanford […]

Update: Stanford Continuing Studies Graduates to Zoom
January 28, 2014

Check out our newest case study: Legal Geeks Use Zoom to Distribute Geeky Content. This case focuses on The Legal Geeks, a blog/vlog with a geeky angle on the law, often throwing science fiction into the mix. The Legal Geeks contains a combination of personal content and interviews by the Legal Geeks: Josh Gilliland and […]

New Case Study: The Legal Geeks’ Zoom Vlog
January 21, 2014

Our newest case study focuses on Brevity, a company that needed Zoom to connect its remote teams and customers. The growth of the video production, post-production and distribution market has grown tremendously, making it difficult to keep up with the high bandwidth demands of video file sizes. This has sparked demand for slimmer solutions that […]

Brevity Collaborates On Zoom
January 14, 2014