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Zoom Video Communications is the best video conferencing solution, but it is only a piece of the entire video conferencing experience. To make participants feel as if they are meeting face-to-face, the entire experience has to be seamless. To make your conversations with others come to life, you’ll need the right hardware and, perhaps, a […]

4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Zoom Video Conferencing
August 29, 2013

Many of us are not quite used to video conferencing. We don’t know how to act, where to look, what to wear, and so forth. That’s why we’re so excited that Warren Farmer, Zoom user and Director of Conferences and Events at Behringer Harvard, put together a helpful guide to video conference etiquette. Here’s everything […]

Video Conference Etiquette
August 20, 2013

Not all video meetings are created equal. Some of them will have their quirks. When that happens, it’s comparable to having a bad meal with your date. You chose the restaurant so you feel responsible, but you also feel helpless to fix it. Without further ado, let’s discuss a couple of issues that pop up […]

A Guide to Avoiding and Fixing Video Meeting Disasters
August 12, 2013

Setting up a conference room? Zoom can help! In partnership with Ben Olijnyk at Carnegie Mellon University Australia, we’ve developed a guide for creating a new conference room. Whether your space is a small meeting room, a medium-sized boardroom, or a large conference room or classroom, this guide offers simple steps you can do to […]

Your Next Generation Conference Room
June 5, 2013

Zoom gives you a crystal-clear video conversation and high quality screen sharing, anytime, anywhere, with up to 25 people. How do I get started? To begin, simply go to and click on Free Account. Enter your first and last name and your email address to sign up. Or you can easily log-in with a […]

Getting Started with Zoom
May 30, 2013