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Since Zoom launched in February 2013, we have reached over 10 million participants, attracting over 20,000 businesses and 1,400 educational institutions globally. Zoom’s success has led many to ask: what is the magic formula? Nick Chong, our Head of Product Marketing, answered this question on a guest blog post for the Dell’s Founders Club. Nick is responsible for […]

How We Zoomed Past 10 Million Participants
July 22, 2014

The growing ubiquity of video conferencing has been an all-around positive development. It enables real-time communication around the world with the ability see each other and share screens to enable collaboration. But there are still those people out there – you know who you are! – that don’t feel comfortable on video. There are many […]

Why Aren’t You Zooming? The Fear And How To Cope With It.
July 1, 2014

With access to so many services, like Zoom, that allow us to talk to people around the world day-in and day-out, we often take for granted the fact that we’re living in an international community. That is, it is so easy to connect that we don’t really appreciate that the person on the other end […]

Catering To Your International Zoom Participants
June 24, 2014

There are tools in every mechanic’s toolbox. Each one has a specific function used together to accomplish many complex tasks. With these tools, the mechanic is empowered with abilities ranging from a simple tire change to the entire engine rebuild. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, getting the right tool for the job […]

Five Gems That Make Productive Zoom Meetings
May 29, 2014

In a star, there are two forces constantly fighting each other: gravity and the energy released by nuclear fusion. These two beasts go head-to-head for billions of years to produce the perfect equilibrium that results in a celestial body like our sun. Right now, picture a global marketing campaign in the same manner. You’re struggling […]

How To Market Globally With Zoom
May 22, 2014

Our mobile meeting checklist last week focused on helping individuals prepare for their on-the-go or at-home meetings. As a follow up, we thought it would be helpful to compile guidelines on integrating the mobile culture as a business. Encourage Employees To Meet From Quiet Locations To minimize distraction during meetings, it’s important to keep remind […]

Zoom’s Mobile Meeting Checklist For Enterprises
April 28, 2014

There’s a new trend on the horizon, and chances are you’re already part of it. Are you using Zoom in your car, at home, at a coffee shop, or at the airport? How about all four? With the growing expectation that you’re “always plugged-in,” mobility is now becoming a key aspect of running a business. […]

Zoom’s Ultimate Mobility Checklist
April 24, 2014

If you read this blog, then you know we’re always discussing Zoom’s HD video. We can’t get enough of it! But we also know that sometimes sharp, high quality video isn’t what you need. We’ve compiled here a list of situations in which joining a Zoom meeting through audio is more appropriate. First, you should […]

Situations For Audio-Only Zoom Meetings
March 11, 2014

Who doesn’t love a good snow day? Well, if you’ve got a lot of work to do and you’re unprepared to work from home, you might not be so happy. So you’re not left out in the cold, we’ve compiled a list of our must-have work-from-home tools! Stay Connected Document sharing is central to a […]

Zoom Recommends Winter Work-From-Home Tools
February 11, 2014