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In the competitive world of sales, any little advantage a team can gain makes a big difference. Sales teams spend countless hours looking for ways to improve their close rate by just a percentage point or two. But for many of those teams, they’re ignoring a small change that could boost their close rates by […]

Turning Your Video On: Your Secret Weapon for Higher Win Rates [Infographic]
January 30, 2019

Founded in 2014, PureFood sells natural food products with a mission to spread kindness in the world. For every product sold, they provide a school lunch to a child in a developing country. PureFood is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, yet most of the team works remotely. PureFood’s team was using Skype for their video communications […]

Zoom Helps PureFood’s Remote Team Collaborate Efficiently
January 29, 2019

Check out our video case study on Groupon, a worldwide e-commerce marketplace that works with local and national companies to offer discounts to its subscribers. Groupon keeps expanding, currently with over 6,000 employees located in 20 offices worldwide, so a scalable video platform is a must. “We have a video-first culture at Groupon – out […]

Scalable Zoom Platform Unifies Video Communications Needs at Groupon
January 25, 2019

Campowerment is a retreat and experience company that connects purpose-driven people with Expert-led programs that infuse the fun of childhood summer camp. Since it was founded in 2013, it has morphed to become more than that, though: through 25+ in-person retreats, Campowerment has become a community of purpose-driven women that share experiences, support each other, […]

Zoom Helps the Campowerment Community Build Trust and Bond
January 23, 2019

Check out our video case study on Kansas State University (KSU), the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Kansas. Zoom has had a significant impact on the ways students are taught at KSU, making education more accessible regardless of location and enhancing student activities with useful technology features. The Zoom recording […]

Kansas State University Leverages Zoom to Scale their Education Programs

Today Zoom announced that we have delivered on key promises of our Zoomtopia 2018 product keynote with general availability of highly anticipated new features and functionalities across our unified video communications platform. Zoom Voice After extensive beta testing with dozens of companies, Zoom Voice is now generally available to Zoom customers. Zoom Voice is a […]

Zoom Voice, New Meetings Experience, Conference Room Enhancements, and Integrations Now Generally Available
January 22, 2019

Check out our video case study on Nasdaq, a company that has evolved from a stock market into a modern financial technology company with the goal of performing better than any other exchange. The key to accomplishing this goal is effective collaboration, both internally and externally. Previously, Nasdaq was primarily relying on audio calls and […]

Nasdaq Breaks Down Communications Barriers With Zoom
January 17, 2019

Gone are the days when sales teams were able to call up a customer and give them a demo purely on an audio platform. Today, video conferencing is the new normal, allowing you to demo from your mobile, desktop, or conference room. A sales demo is the perfect time to determine the challenges your prospect […]

Best Practices for a Successful Sales Demo with Zoom and Hubspot
January 10, 2019

Let’s Do Video (LDV) has announced its 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards Winners and Zoom has won first place in three categories. LDV helps users navigate the inevitable transition from the audio-centric collaboration world of the past to the increased ROI of video empowered teams of today. Its audience consists of tech enthusiasts that voted for […]

Zoom Wins 3 Categories: 2018 Let’s Do Video Readers’ Choice Awards
January 9, 2019