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Check out any recent research about the merits of meetings for business professionals today, and chances are you’ll discover workers’ frustrations with them only continue to grow. More often than not, these surveys and studies position meetings as the archenemy of productivity for the modern workforce — a major deterrent to employees’ progress with both […]

Hugo on How to Change Your Meeting Culture and Move Fast
December 19, 2019

The Zoom engineers have been busy delivering new feature happiness this December! Following our Dec. 2 release, the team delivered another feature-packed release this past weekend based on your customer input. The pace of innovation with over 300 new features released this year is truly amazing!  Here are a few of the coolest new features […]

Get More Control in Your Zoom Rooms, Get More Interactive in Meetings with New Zoom Releases
December 18, 2019

Company all-hands or town-hall meetings are a powerful way to build organizational alignment. Connecting on video with hundreds or even thousands of employees at the same time empowers companies to provides employees with important updates, answer their pressing questions, and create a more cohesive, connected culture. Traditionally, hosting and organizing these large calls have been […]

How to Create the Best All-Hands Meeting Experience With Zoom
December 16, 2019

Zoom is proud to have sponsored a table at “An Evening of Action: NPower Gala 2019” on Oct. 15. The event was a great success, with NPower raising record-breaking funds to promote diversity in the technology workforce. NPower is a not-for-profit organization that creates pathways to economic prosperity for military veterans and young adults from […]

Zoom Continues Support for Diversity in Technology at NPower Gala 2019
December 12, 2019

The information we use to make decisions on how to spend and manage money is just as important as money itself, and The Motley Fool has built a loyal following due to its ability to provide that increasingly valuable information. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, The Motley Fool is a financial services site that provides analysis […]

‘There Was No Consistency’: Here’s How Zoom Simplified & Unified Communications for The Motley Fool
December 10, 2019

As one of the oldest public television stations in the country, Rocky Mountain PBS (RMPBS) has established a tradition of excellence in broadcasting. Founded in 1956, RMPBS has received national recognition for its excellent programming that includes Emmy-winning documentaries, educational shows, news coverage, and other programs. RMPBS is part of Rocky Mountain Public Media (RMPM), […]

How Rocky Mountain PBS Gained System Flexibility & Simplicity with ‘Very Powerful’ Zoom Phone
December 9, 2019

Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform is extremely feature-rich, so you may not be aware of all the tools available to protect your important meetings. By giving the host and co-host unrivaled control before, during, and even after a Zoom Meeting, Zoom users can enhance the privacy and security of any meeting. Many of these options […]

Top Ways Zoom Hosts & Admins Can Ensure a Secure Meeting Experience
December 4, 2019

From major Zoom Chat enhancements (hello, Replies and Reactions!) to user experience and privacy improvements, the latest client and web releases for Zoom’s unified communications platform offer some standout features. Here are some of the highlights that are sure to elevate your business communications. Zoom Chat Replies and Reactions: Users can reply and/or add emoji […]

Latest Platform Updates: Enhanced Zoom Chat Experience, More Secure Screen Sharing & Expanded Zoom Phone Service
December 3, 2019

Zoom’s partnership with Box brings together cloud content management and modern video communication to better enable secure collaboration across the extended enterprise. Zoom recently expanded its Box content sharing capabilities so you can quickly share your important Box documents in a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Chat from wherever you are. How it works Box functionality […]

Seamlessly Share Box Content in a Zoom Meeting From Any Device
December 2, 2019