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As with every other conversation, song, or story, meetings always have an end. As important as it is to make a strong first impression, it will be worthless if you don’t have the right “exit strategy.” The same is true for Zoom video conferences. So, you’ve followed our seven secrets to an excellent meeting and […]

Finishing Strong With Zoom Meetings
July 14, 2015

Next week Zoom will meet with customers and demo our meetings solution at two conferences. We hope to see you there! LegalTech West Coast 2015 Monday, July 13 – Tuesday, July 14 Hyatt Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA LegalTech is the #1 resource for law firms and legal departments to get hands-on practical information for improving […]

Rare Zoom Sightings – Next Week!
July 9, 2015

How many times have you been sitting in a room with many people and the ideas you’re trying to express are drowned out in a sea of other ideas? This frustration is common in very large groups of people. We at Zoom love to see people use our product as much as possible, but more […]

The Benefits of Having Small Teams in Zoom Meetings
July 7, 2015

The first step to collaboration is getting face-to-face with your colleagues and clients to brainstorm and share ideas. That’s why we’ve put so much work into producing the highest quality video and audio. But, there’s so much more too it. Video isn’t the only thing you need when you want to share a quick message […]

Recording & Recap: All About Group Collaboration
July 2, 2015

We’ve heard them all. Every excuse that could possibly be offered for not turning on your beautiful HD Zoom video. You want to stay in your safe place of audio conferencing and screen sharing. We get that. But, here’s the thing: everything is better with video. So, as a public service announcement, Zoom’s here to […]

Top Excuses For Not Using Video
June 30, 2015

Exciting news here at Zoom: We’ve just released a new version of Zoom Rooms! “Back up a second,” you might be saying, “What’s Zoom Rooms again?” Well, clearly you’re not an avid reader of this blog, but we won’t take it personally! Let’s do a quick Zoom Rooms refresh: Zoom Rooms is Zoom’s software-based conference […]

Product Announcement: New Features for Zoom Rooms
June 25, 2015

We all know Zoom has great video and collaboration features. That’s pretty much this blog’s reason for living! But we often over look the unsung hero of Zoom: our audio. After all, isn’t hearing what the other participants say still the most crucial aspect of any meeting or webinar? That’s why last week, our senior […]

Recording & Recap: All About Audio
June 23, 2015

We’ve all done it, you can admit it – this is a safe place of compassion and understanding. We make what seems to be a well-informed decision and purchase a business solution for [insert collaboration need here]. It feels good, like something has been accomplished, and you feel liberated to focus on other more important […]

The Unproductive State of Productivity
June 19, 2015

It’s no mystery that a large number of the world’s corporations both large and small store sensitive data somewhere. The privacy of this data is now coming under question after major breaches have happened in top companies. Just under half of all businesses suffered a data breach during 2013-2014, which cost an average of $3.8 […]

Why Zoom’s Security Features Matter for Your Business
June 17, 2015