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The medical industry has been plagued with inefficiency and at time seems immune to breakthroughs. One of the reasons for this is the loss of productivity experienced when dealing with paperwork. Each doctor in the United States has, on average, 390 patients to work with. At Zoom, we believe that technology should not get in […]

How Healthcare Can Zoom its Way to Greatness
November 7, 2013

As a small business owner, I was excited when I discovered Zoom. I had been looking for a web-based, screen-sharing program to use to teach seniors how to get the most out of their computers, phones and tablets. What I discovered once I started “playing”’ with the many features Zoom offers, is that it is […]

Guest Blogger: Technology Coaching & Connections Via Zoom
November 5, 2013

Can you do a crazier Halloween Zoom shot than this? Submit your Zoom Halloween screen shots to The best shot wins the next 3 months of Zoom Pro free! –The Zoom Team

Zoom Halloween Contest!
October 31, 2013

Practicing law sometimes can be as fun as playing an engaging game of chess. Other times it can be as frustrating as sitting through a tax audit while wearing an itchy sweater and a pair of shoes two sizes too small. Either way, it’s time you learned about how video conferencing can change your practice […]

Why Would a Lawyer Want Zoom?

Sierra Ventures CIO Summit This week, our Founder and CEO, Eric Yuan, will be speaking at the Sierra Ventures CIO Summit in Palo Alto, California. This invitation-only CIO event features dynamic senior executives who are setting the technology strategies of tomorrow.  Participants will learn from industry leaders, hear from start up CEOs, share best practices […]

Our Leaders On the Road
October 29, 2013

Zoom at the SMB Influencer Awards On Thursday, October 17, we visited the Small Business Influencer Annual Awards Gala in Manhattan. There were so many awesome companies awarded; here are our five favorites: 1) Dell Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program (EIR) EIR is a way for venture capital firms or investors to incubate and invest in big ideas. […]

Zoom at SMB Influencer and AHAF
October 22, 2013

Screen sharing, although an older concept in computing, has understandably been slow in its adoption. Many people are unaware of the usefulness of screen sharing. A Zoom meeting can turn into more than just a presenter and an audience. It can become an immersive experience that allows people to look at each other’s screens, adding […]

4 Times When Zoom’s Screen Sharing Comes to the Rescue
October 17, 2013

Zoom at CalBar Last week we demoed our Unified Meeting Experience at the State Bar of California 86th Annual Meeting at the San Jose Convention Center. The theme of the meeting was Innovation and the Law – the perfect topic for Zoom! We met with hundreds of legal professionals and found that the three most […]

Zoom Hits the Road…Again!
October 15, 2013

After meeting with our Zoom Education User Group in September, we decided it might be helpful for our users in educational institutions to have some written best practices for using Zoom on their campuses. We’re going through a moment in history when video is saturating the education market, whether it’s an instructional video recorded and […]

6 Best Practices for Schools Using Zoom
October 10, 2013