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For many of us, video conferencing is an exciting opportunity. Even introverts around the world who were previously overwhelmed by in-person social situations have found solace in online meetings. In fact, there’s a psychiatrist who is using Zoom to reach her patients specifically because of this. While most of us are excited about video collaboration, […]

How to Overcome Lopsided Meetings With Zoom
January 20, 2015

Yesterday we had an awesome Zoom Video Webinar on health and fitness featuring experts from around the country: Jay Jacobs: Wellness coach, motivational speaker, and Biggest Loser Season 11 finalist –, @JLynnJacobs Dr. Mark Nelson – Certified Health Coach and Business Coach at Take Shape for Life – Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, Ph.D.: Chief Science Officer […]

New Year, New You – Zoom Webinar Recap & Recording
January 15, 2015

Check out our newest case study: Mount Holyoke Develops Teachers’ Careers Through Innovative Zoom Meetings. This case looks at how Mount Holyoke College is using Zoom to provide ongoing professional development and graduate programs to math teachers who can no longer travel to the college due to district budget cuts. We met with Michael Flynn […]

Mount Holyoke Develops Teachers’ Careers Through Zoom
January 13, 2015

Yesterday Nick Chong, our Head of Product Marketing, hosted a webinar for Zoom customers on the top new Zoom features. Here is a recording of that webinar for those who missed it: And here is the slideshow of Nick’s presentation. Version 3.5 includes new features and enhancements across our entire product suite: Zoom Cloud Meetings, […]

Top New Zoom Features – Video Webinar Recap & Recording
January 9, 2015

Check out this week’s case study: Ad Astra Per Zoom: Texas A&M Uses Our Software To Shoot Experiments Into Space. This case looks at how Dr. Joseph Morgan, professor in the Electronic Systems Engineering Technology Program at Texas A&M University, coordinates with multiple groups of students around the country over Zoom to develop projects for […]

Texas A&M Zooms Experiments Into Space
January 6, 2015

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to 2015, but we’re also looking back at a great 2014 for Zoom and our customers. Please join us on this trip down memory lane as we revisit a few of our highlights month-by-month: January: Zoom published a record three case studies on a variety of customers: startup […]

2014: The Year In Zoom
December 31, 2014

This past weekend we released Zoom Version 3.5. This version of Zoom provides new features and enhancements that transform our Cloud Meeting, Video Webinar, and ZoomPresence solutions. V3.5 new features and enhancements include: Zoom Cloud Meetings: Record to the cloud from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices Screen share iPad/iPhone apps from Mac or PC Screen share […]

Launch of Zoom Version 3.5
December 29, 2014

Happy Holidays! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. –The Zoom Team

Happy Holidays From Zoom!
December 24, 2014

We at Zoom are big on growth hacking. Growth hacking is a set of product and marketing practices that rely on product creativity, social media, and analytics to acquire users without breaking the bank. If that sounds familiar, maybe you too work for a up-by-your-bootstraps Silicon Valley start-up, or maybe you just read this post by Nick […]

Zoom’s Growth Hacking at APPNATION VI
December 23, 2014