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Working Remotely: Zoomtopia 2017 The Great Debate

Working Remotely: Zoomtopia 2017 The Great Debate

The benefits and drawbacks of developing a remote workforce have become a hot topic of debate in recent years. Companies such as Yahoo, Aetna, and IBM have brought their workforce back into the office for greater team synergy and employee productivity. At the same time, other companies are building entirely or partially remote workforces. This allows them to hire the most talented employees regardless of location, while also reducing costs.

At Zoomtopia 2017, two leading CEOs took on the topic of working remotely in a good old-fashioned debate. Our fearless debators:

  • Pro: Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier, a company known for its 100% remote workforce and it’s Bay Area relocation policy
  • Con: Manny Medina, CEO of Outreach, a fast-growing sales automation platform
  • Moderator: Santi Subotovsky, partner at Emergence Capital

The debate focused on two topics:

  1. Culture: Can companies define a culture when not all of their employees sit within the four walls of an office? Do employees need to be in an office in order to understand and embody company culture?
  2. Productivity: Who do you believe is more productive: Remote workers or in-office workers?

Watch Wade and Manny duke it out over these two burning questions, as well as address audience questions on topics such as creating norms across different business functions and what tools help remote employees.

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