You Zoomed from where?! Adventures in Mobile Zooming

You Zoomed from where?! Adventures in Mobile Zooming

We here in marketing at Zoom have typed “Zoom from your mobile, desktop, or conference room system” until our fingers fall off, and yet there are still many Zoom users out there who stick to Zooming only from their trusty desktop. We get it, you’ve been burned by other video conferencing solutions, ones that say they’re mobile, but don’t offer half their features on mobile and are notoriously unreliable on wireless networks.

But, hear us out: If you download the Zoom app, you’ll quickly find that these concerns melt away with our amazing mobile platforms! What’s so great? Let’s take a look!

It’s the Zoom You Love (Just on a Smaller Screen)

Other video conferencing solutions were built many years ago, long before the mobile revolution. Their mobile apps are an afterthought and it shows. They provide a totally different, totally inferior experience to the desktop platform. Not so with Zoom! Only Zoom has all of these mobile features including:

  • Scheduling
  • Starting or joining a meeting
  • Cloud MP4 and M4A recording
  • Photo and document sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Cross-platform IM and presence
  • iPad whiteboarding

Let’s dive a bit deep into a few of these unique features …

Mobile Screen Sharing

You can easily share your cloud documents, photos, and websites with your remote participants from any Zoom-supported mobile device. And if you’re on an iOS or Android device, you can even share your entire screen – apps and all – with your meeting. This feature is totally unique to Zoom! Learn more about mobile screen sharing.

Cloud Recording

If you press record on your mobile Zoom client, it starts a MP4 (video and audio) and M4A (audio only) recording of your meeting up in the Zoom cloud. Simply log in to your Zoom account at and click on My Recordings. (This feature is available to Business, Enterprise, and Education Plan accounts.)

Cross-Platform IM/Presence

Message contacts across all Zoom-supported desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices:

  • Send text, links, images, and push-to-talk audio messages
  • Form small and large messaging groups
  • Contacts are automatically populated from your account, domain, and phone address book
  • Add external contacts via a simple email invitation
  • Start a video meeting at the top of your open chat window

Get Started

All it takes is a simple trip to your app store! The Zoom mobile application can be found by Searching for “Zoom Cloud Meetings.” To make things a little easier we’ve linked these directly below. Isn’t that nice? 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about Zoom’s apps, sign up for a live demo with a mobile product specialist today!

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