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Switch to Zoom Helps Acosta Solve Communications Struggle, Reduce Costs & Deliver Retail Success

Switch to Zoom Helps Acosta Solve Communications Struggle, Reduce Costs & Deliver Retail Success

Ensuring that a product or brand is properly represented in stores across the planet is no easy task, but Acosta has leveraged technological innovation, critical expertise, and extensive reach to make this process as seamless and profitable as possible for its clients. 

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Acosta serves some of the world’s largest CPG companies, offering services such as retail consulting, consumer marketing, headquarter sales, and business intelligence services. Acosta coordinates its efforts with a workforce of 26,000 employees across more than 100 offices across the world, which allows it to deliver around-the-clock support to its clients around the globe. 

The costs of legacy communications

Acosta’s legacy communications tool and its quality of service made it difficult to communicate between global offices and coordinate the delivery of its enterprise-level services, which are crucial to Acosta’s success. The solution also required significant support and on-premises management from Acosta’s support teams, which increased the cost of the solution and left employees frustrated with their experience. 

“We were using Webex, and it was really a struggle,” said Kristy Trice, Acosta’s Director of Vendor Management & Systems Assurance. “Our employees did not like it. It wasn’t user-friendly, there were continual connection issues, quality of service was poor and employees struggled using it in their day-to-day.”

Across-the-board savings with Zoom

Trice and her teams began searching for a more reliable communications solution that could meet their growing needs, and after experiencing the reliability of Zoom’s platform and its expansive features, Acosta implemented Zoom — and never looked back. Trice saw immediate cost savings, and her teams saw a significant reduction in the number of support tickets related to video communications

“We were able to save money across the board with Zoom,” Trice said. “We were able to save on the cost of licensing, but we were also able to save on support costs. The number of calls going to the help desk have been drastically reduced.”  

The flexibility of Zoom’s platform also allowed Acosta to use the hardware it had on hand, which limited new investment costs and created a frictionless implementation process. 

“We bought Zoom licenses, but we didn’t have to buy any additional hardware to run the solution,” Trice said. “It was actually one of the best projects that I have ever run at Acosta. We were even nominated for the Chairman’s Award for the project, which we were really excited about.”

Unprecedented reliability and uptime

While Acosta was able to reduce costs by implementing Zoom, the added value of the solution came in the form of unrivaled reliability. Because Zoom is designed for unprecedented uptime and flexibility, Trice and her teams were able to leverage Zoom as a backup communications method when their systems were hit with a temporary outage. 

“We experienced an issue a while back that temporarily shut down our systems,” she said. “And in the middle of it all, Zoom was the only system that worked. We got all of our managers on a video call and then sent them into breakout rooms so they could work independently without interrupting each other. And then we would bring them back into the main session every hour to give us updates. So, Zoom is an amazing tool that got us through a tough time.”

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