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Zoom Adds a New Lineup of Devices to Hardware Certification Program

Zoom Adds a New Lineup of Devices to Hardware Certification Program

With any type of communication, hardware plays an important role in the user experience. Whether it’s a virtual meeting, phone call, webinar, or event taking place in a workplace, school, home, or studio, reliable hardware is critical for an engaging and effective communications experience. 

To ensure conference room hardware and phones provide a consistent, high-quality collaboration experience, we created the hardware certification program back in October 2019 as part of our ongoing efforts to streamline digital connection. 

In 2020, we added certification for VoIP hardware including Session Border Controller (SBCs), Analog Telephony Adapter, and gateway to help customers migrate to Zoom Phone. We’ve also created certifications for Zoom Rooms Appliances, and even devices for the personal workspace, including personal cameras and speakerphones to support those working from home. 

Certified Zoom Rooms Appliances enable straightforward implementation, an intuitive user experience, and simplified management without sacrificing security or functionality. These devices can support both hybrid work and learning — businesses can simplify hardware acquisition and installation, while educators can easily implement certified Zoom Rooms Appliances on mobile carts to teach those both in the classroom and at home.

Expanding Zoom’s Hardware Certification Program

Providing hardware partners with an opportunity to create and sell Zoom Certified hardware. Our hardware certification program is constantly expanding. Just last month, we added additional categories to our hardware certification program to help organizations return to offices and classrooms safely while supporting hybrid environments: 

Personal workspaces

Personal collaboration displays

Personal collaboration devices

USB cameras

USB Cameras

USB headsets

USB headsets

Zoom Phone Certified Hardware

Zoom Phone appliances 

Zoom Phone appliances

Intercom / Paging

Zoom Rooms Certified Hardware

 Pro audio systems 

Pro audio systems
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Zoom Rooms Controllers

Zoom Room Controllers

For the full list of hardware categories included in the certification program, please view our hardware certification overview.

Thank you to our partners

Our vision for our hardware partnerships is to rapidly expand our certification programs and work closely with the open hardware and furniture ecosystem to meet established and emerging use cases. We’d like to thank our hardware partners and integrators who help us continue to serve our customers.  

Products such as Logitech’s Rally Bar, the Neat Bar, and video bars from Yealink and Poly help Zoom Rooms users enjoy high-quality video and cutting-edge features.

Poly has also been instrumental in providing a range of personal cameras and speakerphones, while professional audio systems from partners like Biamp, QSC/Sennheiser, and Shure ensure crystal clear audio for rooms of all sizes. 
For more information on how you can join our hardware certification program, please visit our hardware certification page.

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