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Have Zoom + Cornerstone In Your Corner For Engaging Enterprise Training

Have Zoom + Cornerstone In Your Corner For Engaging Enterprise Training

Zoom has long been used for employee learning and development. The benefits of educating employees using our high-quality video are apparent: video is simply more engaging for your distributed audience than a disembodied voice droning on over a slideshow. With options for Meetings or Webinars, we provide flexible options depending on how you want to engage your audience. Plus, Zoom offers a full suite of audience engagement features, such as raise hand, Q/A, content sharing, co-annotation, feedback indicators, and so forth. Not only that, Zoom sessions are recorded locally or on the cloud in standard MP4 and M4A formats with transcripts, so they are easy to edit and upload for on-demand viewing.

Even with all of these incredible training capabilities, there was one missing piece to Zoom’s learning and development offering: an integration with the leading learning and talent management software company, Cornerstone. Cornerstone provides recruiting, training, performance management, and collaboration solutions for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. By popular demand, we’ve now released the Cornerstone Learning integration, which allows users to create and host Zoom sessions within the Cornerstone platform. Let’s learn more!

Here is what you can do once you’ve downloaded and configured the integration:

  • Create Instructors as Zoom Hosts: Once you have created an instructor in Cornerstone, that instruction will be automatically added as a user in your Zoom account. The instructor will receive an email inviting them to Zoom and they just click the link in the email to activate their user.
  • Create Sessions as Zoom Meetings: When a training session is created in Cornerstone, it will automatically create a corresponding Zoom meeting in the Zoom platform. This meeting will appear on their Zoom meeting list.
  • Update Sessions: Updates or edits to the session made in Cornerstone, such as title, date, time, or instructor, will automatically create a new session in Zoom with the updated details.  
  • Launch Sessions: Instructors on Cornerstone can launch Zoom sessions as host or attendee directly from Cornerstone.
  • Get Attendance: Capture attendance information from a Zoom Cornerstone session in the Cornerstone interface.

Cornerstone is a true cornerstone of the learning and development world. We’re proud to bring this integration with their platform to our joint customers. If you’re interested in using the integration, please visit our App Marketplace or speak with a product specialist today.

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