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Take me into the ballgame: how Zoom and MLB™ put fans in the action with Zoom Contact Center

Take me into the ballgame: how Zoom and MLB™ put fans in the action with Zoom Contact Center

No one is more passionate than baseball fans. They feel the joy of every home run and the pain of every bad call. They live and breathe the game, and now they can feel immersed in some of its most critical moments, as Zoom is putting the fans right in the center of umpires’ close calls.

Today, Zoom and MLB™ announced a first-of-its-kind partnership for the league. As the Official Unified Communications Platform of MLB™, Zoom Contact Center and the Zoom platform technology will power new elements of Major League Baseball™ games and broadcasts. 

Replay reviews in real time

Whether it’s a foul ball or stolen base, umps’ calls can sometimes decide the game (and leave fans distraught). When a replay review does occur, fans cross their fingers that the call goes their team’s way, eagerly awaiting the decision to be communicated from the Replay Operations Center (ROC) in New York to the Crew Chief.

With the 2023 season, the Crew Chief — the most senior member of the four-man umpire crew — will connect to the Zoom Replay Operations Center through Zoom Contact Center during a replay review and provide fans with live access to the decision as it’s made. During national broadcasts on the MLB Network™ and Apple TV+, fans will also see the Zoom Replay Operations Center in action and hear from an expert rules analyst dedicated to discussing calls with the broadcast team in real time. Now, the replay review process will be more transparent and engaging than ever before, and those close calls may be a little less anxiety-inducing for fans. 

Strengthening connections off the field

In addition to calls on the field, Zoom will play an instrumental role with communication at high-pressure MLB™ events, including “Day One of the 2023 MLB Draft™” and other jewel events.

The Zoom all-in-one collaboration platform is also integrated across several MLB™ clubs, platforms, and broadcast outlets. Many MLB™ teams are using Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone to stay connected with colleagues and customers, as well as Zoom Contact Center to deliver prompt, accurate, and highly personalized experiences to their fans. And the MLB™’s corporate offices use Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Webinars to enable effective communication and streamline operations.

For the love of the game

By introducing Zoom technology into operations on and off the field, MLB™ strives to hit a home run for fans and teams alike. Offering easy-to-access, real-time communication helps bridge any digital divide that previously limited fan experiences — whether that means better insight into critical calls or enhanced communication with the front office. 

Fans can better understand officials, build more meaningful connections with their teams, and further their love of the game. 

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