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Zoom Rooms Gets Even Better: Touch, PC, 3 Screens

Zoom Rooms Gets Even Better: Touch, PC, 3 Screens

Today at Enterprise Connect we’re announcing major enhancements to our Zoom Rooms platform!

What’s Zoom Rooms?

A quick refresher: Zoom Rooms, the first software-defined video conference room system, enables companies to easily set up powerful do-it-yourself conference rooms across their entire organization. Zoom Rooms features wireless content sharing, high quality video and audio conferencing with up to 200 interactive video participants, and integrations with calendaring systems. It runs on off-the-shelf hardware like Mac Mini/Pro and Windows PC, with an iPad controller, and any USB peripherals.

So what’s this big announcement?

We decided to blow your minds by announcing not one, but three new features for Zoom Rooms:

  • Zoom Rooms for Touch: Works with PC-enabled interactive touch screen displays, allowing onsite teams and remote colleagues to brainstorm, collaborate, and create together with video, audio, screen sharing, and whiteboarding.
  • Zoom Rooms for PC: The addition of PCs will allow many enterprise IT professionals to incorporate Zoom Rooms in their single pane view for easier management. The platform already runs on Mac hardware.
  • Support for Three Screens: Three-screen support allows for greater display options, such as showing the active speaker, gallery view of participants, and the shared content.

Exciting Stuff…I Want to Know More!

Of course you do!

If you’re at Enterprise Connect this week, we hope you will come by booth #211, where we will be demonstrating all three new Zoom Rooms. Even if you can’t make it to Orlando this weekend, you can still see the new Zoom Rooms firsthand by signing up for our live webinar Zoom Rooms: The Latest & Greatest on Thursday, 3/10 @ 11 am PT.

We also recommend visiting our website zoom.us/zoomrooms for more information. And you can visit zoom.us/touch to learn more about Zoom Rooms for Touch.

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