Zoom’s Flexible API & Global Reliability Provides Top Experiences to E2Language Students

Zoom’s Flexible API & Global Reliability Provides Top Experiences to E2Language Students

Check out our case study on E2Language, a global online education company that prepares candidates for high-stakes English language exams, as well as offers English courses. To date, they have helped over half a million students.

The team used Skype for Business in the past, but the sessions and recorded lectures lacked a professional look, feel, and quality – E2Language needed to find a reliable solution that looked sophisticated and professional.

E2Language chose the Zoom platform due to its comprehensive feature set and a rich, user-friendly interface. Zoom made lectures more interactive with its screen sharing and whiteboarding features, as well as the ability for the students to record lectures for further practice.

Recently, E2Language used the Zoom API to integrate the scheduling of Zoom meetings into its platform; students can now seamlessly register for live classes through the calendar in the E2Language dashboard. The Zoom API also provides a flexible way to manage live class schedules.

Live classes run on Zoom Video Webinars help E2Language accelerate trust building with their students. “We have found that the quickest way to distinguish ourselves from the competition is to look the customer in the eye. We immediately build trust through live classes,” said Jarrad Merlo, co-founder of E2Language.

Zoom was greeted with rapid adoption rates due to its ease of use. “Both students and teachers faced no difficulties using Zoom, with no special training required. To illustrate, E2Language’s oldest teacher, who is 76 years old, uses Zoom without issue,” said Merlo.

Due to Zoom’s stability even in low-bandwidth environments, E2Language was able to deliver tutoring to a doctor trying to pass his medical English test from his tent in the jungles of Sierra Leone. They’ve also delivered tutorials to people parked on highways in India or while in transit on their way to other countries to sit for their exams.

Check out the full case study, and make sure to read up on other case studies as well. If you are ready to enjoy the leader in video communications, sign up for a 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist to learn more!

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