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Zoom API Integrations Enable Workato to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Zoom API Integrations Enable Workato to Work Smarter, Not Harder

When companies want to work smarter, not harder, they turn to Workato — a platform to integrate anything and automate everything, which can be used by both business and IT to drive business outcomes. Workato’s customizable automation formulas, called “recipes,” enable its customers to save time and money by automating business processes regardless of their complexity. 

Zoom has become integral to Workato’s goal to optimize and drive its own business growth. Using the Zoom API, Workato creates recipes to enable its global team to work more efficiently.

“What we like about Zoom is how versatile it is,” said Steven Hoon, business engagement manager at Workato. “Through the open API we can create all sorts of integrations and automations that will benefit us as a business and help us grow faster.” 

Here’s a look at how Workato uses Zoom to automate, communicate, and stay connected as a team.

Streamlining sales and business development

“We believe Zoom is best-in-breed for video conferencing,” Hoon said. “Because Zoom is so stable for video calls, you can measure facial expressions, tone of voice — it helps our salespeople close more sales.”

Through a Workato recipe that connects Zoom and Gong, sales team members can automatically upload recorded Zoom meetings with prospective customers to Gong for transcription and analysis, which are then used for internal sales coaching. 

“We couldn’t do this without the Zoom API,” Hoon said. “Google Meet’s API is not as friendly as Zoom’s.”

Simplifying user management

Workato’s technology team also created recipes that use Workbot, Workato’s bot platform for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Workplace, to simplify the management of employees’ Zoom licenses. 

“Zoom’s API allows us to connect Zoom with Slack, so we can assign Zoom licenses right in Slack itself, without having to log into separate platforms,” Hoon said. “These upgrades are done within a minute, and changes are applied almost instantaneously.”

Engaging employees across the globe 

Workato has continued to grow its global staff during the pandemic, using Zoom to recruit candidates, conduct interviews, and onboard new team members

People ops used Zoom to develop an engaging remote orientation experience to introduce new employees to Workato’s unique culture from afar. Breakout Rooms have become a favorite feature during orientation, allowing employees to get to know each other in smaller groups. 

In a new era of working from home, people ops encourages employees to use Zoom for virtual team-building. Employees can drop in on “watercooler sessions” to chat with others, similar to how they would stop for a casual conversation in the office. 

“Without video communications, working together would be a lot more challenging, especially for a team spread across the world,” Hoon said. “Most of us prefer to jump on a Zoom meeting than Slack each other or do a [phone] call. We’re grateful for Zoom because people don’t feel isolated even when they’re working from home.”

Visit the Zoom App Marketplace to find ways to improve your workflow and Zoom experience, or create your own integration using the Zoom API.

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