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The Impact of Zoom’s App Integration Capabilities on Your Bottom Line

The Impact of Zoom’s App Integration Capabilities on Your Bottom Line

One thing Zoom customers often tell us is how much of an impact our app integrations have on their business. With more than 170 apps in the Zoom App Marketplace, there are a lot of opportunities to extend your business-critical applications and workflows through the Zoom platform.

Greg Holmes, Zoom’s head of corporate strategy, hosted the “Apps for Sales and Marketing to Grow Revenue” session at Zoomtopia 2019, where three Zoom customers discussed how integrating their stack with Zoom-enabled apps helped business functions, from internal sales to marketing teams, continuously develop and improve lead generation and sales processes.

Salesforce and Pardot help you automate Zoom Webinars lead generation and save you time on menial tasks, making sales follow-up easy and simple. and both record, transcribe, and analyze Zoom conversations in real time to coach reps and provide actionable insights for winning more opportunities. Here’s how Winning by Design, Green Bits, and Outreach use these Zoom apps to uplevel their meeting and webinar workflows, enable their marketing and sales teams to increase conversions, and grow business revenue.


On any given day, the sales teams at Outreach, a leading sales engagement platform provider, conducts more than 1,000 hours of Zoom meetings. Those meetings are then reviewed by team members to understand customer challenges and needs, whether the message and value proposition has landed, and position themselves against the competition to gain new business. Chorus records and analyzes all of those Zoom conversations to help identify what works, provide coaching opportunities, gather market intelligence, and push details about the sales process to the Salesforce CRM.

App Integrations Workflow

Green Bits

San Jose-based Green Bits provides regulation-compliant POS software for marijuana dispensaries, and the company uses Salesforce, Pardot, and Gong in conjunction with Zoom for its critical lead generation and sales enablement processes. For instance, team members will invite interested leads from a recent Zoom Webinar to a sales demo via Zoom Meeting. Those meeting sessions then get pulled into Gong, where they are analyzed for coaching to improve the overall engagement process.

Winning By Design

Winning by Design, a management consulting firm, emphasizes high-impact coaching after training to ensure concepts that the team learned are retained. The organization leverages both Chorus and Gong to help their customers assess various approaches, track lead progression of the conversation, hone messaging and delivery, and improve the value proposition the sales rep can offer.

The advantages of Zoom app integrations

Zoom app integrations support a best-of-breed technology strategy and offer flexibility in how you do business, enhancing workplace productivity. With native integrations into industry best-of-breed technologies like Chorus and Gong, the value of a sales call is markedly higher than even a face-to-face interaction because of the reporting and actionable insights these apps can deliver afterward. In fact, some of our customers have Zoom/Chorus running during a face-to-face meeting as well so they can capture and learn from ALL of their conversations.

Zoom’s app integrations enable continuous workforce improvement, so your teams can better engage customers, more clearly demonstrate your value proposition, and win more business. Explore the Zoom App Marketplace to see how you can extend your Zoom platform to further enable the success of your sales and marketing teams. Or sign up for a personalized demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

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