The Zoom App: Just Do It

The Zoom App: Just Do It

You probably have tons of apps on your phone or tablet. From the useful – Uber, Lookout – to every time-sucking game and social network you can get your hands on. So why should you download yet another app? Because it’s the Zoom app! Is the mere mention of our name not enough to convince you? How about the fact that these Silicon Valley leaders have the Zoom app on their home screens? Still not enough? Well, you’re a discerning customer, and we respect that. Let us tell you more…

True Mobile Collaboration

Other video conferencing solutions out there were built many years ago, long before the mobile revolution. This means that they weren’t built with a mobile platform in mind. Their mobile apps are an afterthought and it shows. No other platform has all of Zoom’s mobile features for iOS, Android, and Blackberry including:

  • Scheduling
  • Starting or joining a meeting
  • Photo sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Cross-platform IM and presence
  • iPad whiteboarding

Let’s dive deep into two of these unique features…

shutterstock_218533069Mobile Screen Sharing

You can easily share your cloud documents, photos, and websites with your remote participants from any Zoom-supported mobile device. And if you’re on an iOS device, you can even share your entire screen – apps and all – with your meeting via Airplay mirroring to your Zoom Rooms system. This feature is totally unique to Zoom!

Cross-Platform Messaging

Zoom offers messaging across all Zoom-supported desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices:

  • Send text, links, images, and push-to-talk audio messages
  • Form small and large messaging groups
  • Contacts are automatically populated from your account, domain, and phone address book
  • Add external contacts via a simple email invitation
  • Start a video meeting at the top of your open chat window

shutterstock_228952411How To Start Mobile Zooming

All it takes is a simple trip to your app store! Search “Zoom Cloud Meetings” and you should find it.

If you’d like to learn more about Zoom’s apps, sign up for a live demo with a mobile product specialist today!

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